Sew and Tell

Many years ago, so long ago I don’t remember when, 3 women who worked at Social Security headquarters started having lunch together once a week and working on various needlework projects. Those 3 women were Nancy Murdock, Lynda Brugge and me. At some point I stopped joining them. I don’t remember why – may have been the pressures of work, needing to get away from the office for a bit, who knows? Others began joining them. At some point Genie invited me to join them again and I did.

Over time, several people retired, others moved to other buildings or other agencies, schedules became busier and it was too hard to maintain the lunchtime work meetings. We began meeting once a month at our local quilt shop, Seminole Sampler.  We sew a little, shop a little, talk a lot, help each other and eat. At one point we had 14 members but we’ve lost a few to death and moves.

Lynda, who started the group, died in 2002. Tobi was the first to move away, followed by Nancy and most recently, Deborah. Shelley retired and lives in Florida during the winters.

Over the years we’ve made a number of group quilts for significant events in each others’ lives. I plan to blog about them from time to time. Last year fatigue set in and we decided that the next 2 significant birthdays would be the last of the group quilts – one this year and one in 2013. That way all the current members would have at least one quilt from the group.



2 Responses to “Sew and Tell”

  1. Mary Lou Savage Says:

    HI, Do you have a photo of Lynda Brugge you can send me? I am the Record Book Co-chair for our Wellesley 40th Reunion. Lynda started with our class and she is listed in our Remembrances section. I wrote a short piece from her obituary but I’d love to add a photo of her with her retirement quilt or some other cool photo of her with a quilt. Thank you!

    Mary Lou Savage
    Wellesley Class of 1974

  2. Mary Lou Savage Says:

    Perhaps you might write a small personal remembrance about Lynda I could add to her section.

    Thank you!


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