Easy Street Part 1

I decided to do the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt this year. I “knew” I didn’t have a 2 yard piece of grey in my stash for what she calls the constant fabric because I usually only buy a half yard or at most a yard. I love fairy frost and my local quilt shop had a bolt of grey so I bought it.

4-patches in progress

Here are the twosies laid out for sewing. The white thing they’re laying on is a piece of table cloth padding (not sure that’s what it’s called). It’s vinyl on one side and flannel on the other. I want my scrappy things to be as scrappy as possible. I took the biggest pile and worked my way through, matching it up with one from each of the little piles until I ran out. Then I started with the next biggest pile and so on. The little pink thing on the second pile from the left on the top is a bobbin keeper that I was using to keep track of where I had picked up from last.

Finished sewing my 4-patches on Saturday afternoon.

Remember that I said above I KNEW I didn’t have a piece of grey to use? Sunday I still had the urge to sew and on the way down to the sewing room I saw a stack of fabric and noticed purple and thought “I can use that in the mystery quilt”.  So, I picked up the pile to get the purple and what did I see? A 2 yard piece of grey the right color for the mystery. 2 yards, really? Who would have thought it? I never buy 2 yards of tone on tone. Sigh. You have to understand I have more fabric than any 3 people could use in a lifetime so I shouldn’t be buying anything. But, I still love my fairy frost!

See what everyone else did here.



One Response to “Easy Street Part 1”

  1. Sandra B Says:

    hee hee, funny you found the grey you didn’t remember about. 4-patches are looking great.

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