Quilter’s Quest – Day 2

Day 2 was on the Monday Federal Veteran’s Day holiday. Patty had to work at our local quilt shop. I was on my own. The pictures are of my loot from various shops on my Quest, not necessarily the ones mentioned here.

Patterns, books and the Strip Tubing ruler.

First stop: Traditions at the White Swan in Hagerstown, MD, about an hour and a half from home. I loaded up on patterns here, some of which aren’t shown because they were sent to me later and I forgot to include them. A busload of people left shortly after I got there. Yeah! I had to check out twice here. I checked out the first time, then used the restroom before leaving. Well, there was this quilt hanging in the bathroom. You can guess the next part. I asked if they had the pattern and had to check out again. Bought enough that Wendy not only gave me the strips for me, she gave me a set for Patty.

Second stop: Wilson’s in Hagerstown, not a Quest shop. I’d never been to Wilson’s before. The parking lot was full – no empty spaces. I found a place along the grass where  to squeeze into. I was greeted by Randa when I walked in, asked if she could help me find anything. When I told her I’d never been there, she explained the layout of the shop. It is the tidiest, brightest shop I’ve ever seen. At first I didn’t think I’d be buying much. Yeah, right. Found several books, a few fabrics, a fat quarter pack for a blue and brown quilt hanging on the wall. I really liked that wherever they had a sample hanging, the pattern or book and any special tools were right there. I was impressed with their level of automation. She created an account for me right at the cutting table and started a ticket. When I came back with more fabric to be cut, she just brought up the ticket and added to it. When I was done, I paid right at the cutting table. All in all, a very pleasant experience.

Third Stop: Patches Quilting & Sewing in Mt. Airy, MD. A small shop in an old house but lots of goodies packed in here. I picked up a few fabrics.

Blue and brown fat quarter pack from Wilson’s; just because fabrics, some for Easy Street, a pattern and Quest strips.

A short day today. Home by 3 pm or so.



2 Responses to “Quilter’s Quest – Day 2”

  1. Grace Thorne Says:

    thanks for the primer on MD quilt shops….i expect to be living in the area at some point and this is necessary info!

    • Barbara Says:

      Believe it or not, there are more that I didn’t visit during my hop. There’s Needles and Pins (I think that’s the name) in Frederick, MD andThe Quilt Patch in Fairfax, VA. Then there’s G Street Fabrics with various locations. And, using Google,I just now found a new one to me, Circle Sewing Studios, in Woodbridge, VA.

      Barbara Bennett, Columbia, MD


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