Quilter’s Quest – Day 3

Patty joined me again for Day 3 of the Quest. My day 3, day 9 of the 10 Quest days.

Looks like this is all from Material Girls. Fabrics, some for Easy Street, lots of patterns, a book, Quest strips.

First stop: Material Girls in La Plata, MD, about an hour and a half from my house. This shop has gone more in the Modern direction since the last time I was there. Still lots of batiks and novelties, kid prints. I always buy a lot of patterns and books here. Dropped off my sick Bernina for repair. The shop I used to take it to went out of business. I think Patty hadn’t been here before. We’re going back on Saturday to pick up my fixed Bernina.

Second stop: Cottonseed Glory in Annapolis, MD. Another small shop. I found a couple of things here but I don’t remember what.

Third stop: Stitches, Etc. in Timonium, MD, not a Quest shop. This shop is in an industrial park behind the Maryland state fairgrounds. Neither of us had ever been there. The shop has changed locations several times since I first heard of them. It’s a sew and vac and appliance dealer as well as a quilt shop. I wasn’t expecting much when we first went in but we both found some fabric we couldn’t live without.

Fourth stop: Bear’s Paw in Towson, MD. First time I’ve been here in years. The distinguishing characteristic of this shop is the gazebo in the middle of the shop. As usual, we both found things we needed. This was my last shop of the Quest. When I turned in my passport, they rang a big, ole, cowbell.


What can I say? More fabric, another pattern, more Quest strips.



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