Frozen Fog

Have you ever seen frozen fog? The first time I saw it was years ago when my Dad and I were travelling across Iowa after Christmas. I didn’t know what it was. All the trees and bushes were white but it wasn’t snow and it wasn’t ice. Dad told me it was frozen fog. When the sun came out everything sparkled like diamonds.

This morning was the second time I’ve seen frozen fog. I was driving back home from Illinois. It was very cold – in the single digits in eastern Illinois and western Indiana. Add fog to the frigid temperatures and you get frozen fog. I probably should have taken a picture but I didn’t really want to get out of the car with a temperature of 7 degrees F. And, I didn’t have snow boots and I don’t think I could capture the beauty in a photograph. It wasn’t as sparkly as the first time. I think there was too much cloud cover and the fog hadn’t completely burned off.

See some images of frozen fog here.


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