Winter storm Saturn snow day!

This is the kind of snow day I can get behind. Work cancelled and very little snow.

Unlike many, I dread big snow storms because I live alone and I have to shovel the snow. I live in a townhouse without a garage so I have to shovel out my car as well as the steps and walkway. The forecast was for a foot or more of snow, depending on how far west you were from I-95. Work was closed for the day. It’s now afternoon and there is very little accumulation, the grass isn’t even all covered in my back yard. It’s warm enough that it’s raining instead of snowing now so nothing to shovel! Yeah!

Even if work hadn’t been closed, I’d have taken the day off because that’s what we do out here when it snows. I grew up in Illinois where you didn’t let snow stop you from doing what needed to be done, unless it was a blizzard but I’ve lived on the east coast since December 1981. While talking to a friend back home in Illinois a while back, I said something about not going to work when it snowed. She looked at me like I had two heads. I told her she just didn’t understand what it was like out here. People out here drive crazy. They follow too closely and drive too fast. It’s safer just to stay off the road in snow. 

I had 3 rows of Easy Street assembled so I sewed them together. Then I did some cutting for the 30s string star. Doesn’t sound like much but I felt like I got a lot accomplished.



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