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On the road to Paducah

April 29, 2013

My friend, Patty, and I were invited to join our friend Linda and her mother at a timeshare condo on Lake Barkley for the 2013 Paducah quilt week. Patty and I left on Saturday morning, April 20th. She was as excited as a little kid anticipating his first trip to Disney World.

We took the southern route, I-81 through southwestern Virginia to I-40. The weather was fabulous and the scenery was beautiful with all the redbud and dogwoods in bloom.

I planned a little shop hop for us. Unfortunately, neither of us thought to take any pictures. Our first stop was Rachel’s Quilt Patch in Staunton, VA. It’s a small shop is in a restored 1860 freight station. The first thing I saw when I walked in was a seal-point siamese (not pure-bred) kitty. She was friendly and condescended to allow me to hold her and carry her around the store for a while. I don’t have cats any more so I don’t get many chances to pet them. She had the loudest purr I’ve ever heard. I bought a couple of fabrics.

We had lunch at the Southern Inn restaurant in Lexington, Va. We saw a billboard for it on the interstate and decided to take a chance. We weren’t disappointed.

Our second quilt shop was Old Trinity Schoolhouse Quilt Shop in Troutville, Va. This is the place to go if you like 1800s reproduction fabrics. I got a book, Hex-A-Holic Handbook.

Our third and last shop was Batiks Etcetera & Sew What Fabrics in Wytheville (pronouced withville), VA. Patty and I did some damage here – I got a bunch of pink batiks and a few other fabrics. I also had a small world experience. I heard a woman give her name and thought, I know someone by that name but it isn’t her. Later, the subject of names came up while she was standing next to me and I told her that I knew someone by her name but that she was from California. She said, “Is she the genealogist?” I said she was. She then told me about being at a genealogy conference luncheon a few years ago where someone told her the same thing. At the end of the meal, she discovered she and the other woman by the same name had been sitting back to back at adjoining tables.

We had dinner at the Log House 1776 restaurant which is just down the block from the quilt shop. I had a hard time finding an entree that was gluten-free. Several things sounded ok but when I asked about them, they all had wheat in them. I ended up with grilled salmon.

We spent the night at the La Quinta in Wytheville.

Day 2 was a long slog across Tennessee and up into Kentucky. It was Sunday so there weren’t any shopping opportunities. We arrived at the condo in Cadiz, KY around 6 pm.