Stitching History: sewing the stripes

Stitching History is a project to reproduce the Star Spangled Banner flag that was made 200 years ago during this same summer time period. Today I spent the afternoon at the Maryland Historical Society stitching ten (10) feet of the long stripes. Before you’re allowed to sew more than a single stitch on the flag, you have to take a lesson on how to make the stitches. The fabric edges are all enclosed so each seam gets sewn 3 times. Today, we were sewing the last step so we opted to skip the lesson on the first 2 steps so we could get started sewing. We’d been there about 40 minutes before anyone started showing us how to do the stitching.

Visitors to the Historical Society who wander into the work room are allowed to take one stitch in the quilt.

You can see more about the project progress with pictures at Dawn’s blog.

The flag will fly over Ft. McHenry on Defender’s Day in September.



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