Stitching History: Recreating the Star Spangled Banner

I’ve written before about stitching on the reproduction of the Star Spangled Banner flag. Mimi Dietrich was the featured quilter at Martingale this week.  She wrote a great piece about the project from start to finish. I’m in the picture of her grad school class but I’m not telling where I am in the picture. I absolutely hate seeing pictures of myself as an adult.

The reproduction flag will fly over Fort McHenry on Defender’s Day, September 14. 


One Response to “Stitching History: Recreating the Star Spangled Banner”

  1. acityquilter Says:

    barbara, i had read about this a while ago and so wish i were there to participate! what an honor! i’ve been to seminole sampler and seen mimi’s baltimore quilt on the wall….perhaps after i move i’ll get to take a class or two…we’ll see….thanks for showing the photos!

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