Celtic Solstice: Clue 2, a day late and way too short

This was the view from my sewing room on Sunday:

celtic solstice 002

We got more snow than this picture shows. All I got done on the weekend was cutting most of clue 2. I still need 40 or so greens. I think I cut enough white and yellow. It’s taking me a long time to do the cutting because I’m using Mary Ellen’s Best Press on the fabrics before cutting. The ironing takes a lot of time. But, I like the stiffness it adds because it helps me be more accurate.

celtic solstice 003

Last week the orange and blue made me think of my college (University of Illinois) school songs. This week it’s high school. The Mattoon Green Wave colors are green and gold.

I sewed a few units on Monday evening after work.

We had a re-run of Sunday’s storm on Tuesday. I was supposed to testify in a state hearing but both that and work were cancelled so I got to sew some more. A lot of people who don’t live here think we’re wimps because things close down for fairly minor store. But, they don’t understand how difficult it can be to forecast these storms. We also usually get ice before or after snow. This one turned out to not be as bad as expected because the temperatures ended up a little higher than predicted. People here drive like idiots at the best of time and they drive way too fast in the snow. The powers that be prefer that everyone who can stay off the roads. If today’s storm had come during the night, it would have been fine but it came during rush hour through early afternoon which can be a recipe for disaster. So, they err on the side of caution for safety’s sake.

Last year with Easy Street I was able to keep up until the clue before Christmas. I spend a week with my elderly parents in Illinois around Christmas so I was 2 clues behind when I got back. Then the fast finish sealed the deal and I was way behind.

This year I’m behind from the get go. I only got 31 of each of the clue 1 units done. All I have to show so far this week is:

celtic solstice 007

In this configuration, they make a whirligig design. As I was looking at the units, I wondered if we might be getting some other units that fit with these to make an interwoven celtic-style design. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I used a new tool – the Strip Stick – for the first time when pressing the last seam open in these units. The jury’s still out on this one.

I did get some other pieces sewn with the white portions.

celtic solstice 006

Go to Bonnie’s blog to see what everyone else is doing.



7 Responses to “Celtic Solstice: Clue 2, a day late and way too short”

  1. Anita Says:

    Looking good!
    I am also a slow starter, sewed all the 188 units from clue #1 yesterday (I thought), but at the end I ended up with 8 blue side triangles left over. Thorough counting revealed I have to cut 4 more neutral triangles, but that’s not too bad!
    Starting cutting yellow/green today.

    • Barbara Says:

      Thank you so much for commenting. I know it’s not a race but seeing all the blogs with more progress makes it seem like it is. I feel like Alice in Wonderland, “the hurrier I go the behinder I get”.

      Barbara Bennett, Columbia, MD


  2. Cathi Says:

    Your units from Clue 2 look fabulous. I’m also a very slow starter but, as I’m hand piecing, I don’t expect to be keeping up. I’m enjoying the process!
    Your comment about people driving like idiots in winter weather really resonated as it is the same thing here. The first few snowfalls always mean a ton of fender benders and worse.

    • Barbara Says:

      Thanks for the comment, Cathi. You certainly get a lot done with hand piecing. I’m always amazed to see what you’ve done. Have you ever seen Jinny Beyer piece? I swear she sews faster by hand than I do by machine. I’ve been a student of hers since 1997. I haven’t been doing any hand piecing in the past couple of years, much to her dismay. Perhaps I’ll get back to those projects next year after I retire. If she had her way, everyone would hand piece every quilt.

      I moved to Maryland from Chicago in 1982 and I still can’t get over how bad the drivers are here. It just keeps getting worse.   Barbara Bennett, Columbia, MD


  3. Debra Crumbaker Says:

    Your blocks look nice, but I especially liked how you tried to solve part of the mystery by placing them into pinwheel-like blocks. We’ll have to see what Bonnie has for the actual mystery. Good work.

    • Barbara Says:

      Thanks for commenting. I really wasn’t trying to solve Bonnie’s ultimate layout for the units. I was just looking for an interesting way to arrange them for the photo. Although, while doing that I saw how she might add clues that make a celtic style interlocking design, totally different from the design I laid out.

      Barbara Bennett, Columbia, MD


  4. ncutt Says:

    love your colors barbara!

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