Remembering Bob and Nancy Murdock


Nancy Murdock in 2004.

The quilts in this post were gifted to me for various birthdays or Christmas.

I met Nancy Murdock in the late 1980s through a mutual friend. All 3 of us worked at Social Security Headquarters. We started meeting for lunch once a week and working on needlework projects. For reasons I don’t remember I stopped joining them. Over time others joined the group and I rejoined. Nancy named the group “Sew and Tell”. My male co-workers called it “Stitch and Bitch”. Eventually we stopped meeting at work because of difficulty coordinating our schedules. As people retired, we needed some way to meet away from work. We started meeting once a month at Seminole Sampler (closed as of 1/18/2014).

Barbara's Birthday Butterfly, 2004

Barbara’s Birthday Butterfly, 2004
Made by Nancy Murdock

One of the major events at our meeting each month is gathering around the table to eat. Nancy’s husband, Bob, always made deviled eggs for us. They were our favorite food each month. For his 80th birthday Beth made a small piece with the number 80 on it and used deviled eggs making the numbers. I wish I could find a picture of it. It was perfect! Beth is so inventive.

Aurora Borealis 2002 Made by Nancy Murdock

Aurora Borealis 2002
Made by Nancy Murdock

I owe a lot of my stash to Nancy. Every year our guild does a shopping trip to Lancaster county. Nancy and I went together for several years and encouraged each other into excessive stash enhancement. At Sauders, she would commandeer one of the large carts the staff use at the cutting tables to hold the bolts that need to go back to the shelves for us to pile our bolts on. While standing in line to be cut, we often shopped from other people’s piles. Too much fun, as Eleanor Burns says.

Nancy was the first one I ever knew who went on a “fabric diet”, only allowed to buy borders, binding and backing. I belong to the Stashbusters group on Yahoo! where many members do the same fabric diet.

End of Summer Garden, 2009 Made by Nancy Murdock

End of Summer Garden, 2009
Made by Nancy Murdock

In 1999 a group of us from guild decided to do a mystery quilt. The pattern called for a light, medium, and dark of one color and some other stuff. Nancy showed up with the most boring set of fabric I’d ever seen. Definitely not Nancy choices. She thought it over and decided to dispense with the pattern requirements and just went with multi-color prints that read light, medium and dark. It was beautiful. Much more interesting than the boring fabrics she started with. And, pretty as my fabrics were, her quilt was much more appealing.

Nancy was an art quilter and a painter. She was never afraid to experiment with a technique. She often worked with fabric that she hand-dyed. I have several pieces of her hand-dyed fabric in my stash.

Nightflower 2002-2004 Hand painted by Nancy Murdock

Nightflower 2002-2004
Hand painted by Nancy Murdock

Nancy was a few years younger than my mother. Once while talking to Mom about something she asked, “Why are you hanging around with someone that old.” When I told Nancy what she said, Nancy laughed so hard I was afraid she’d fall down and hurt herself.

A few years back, probably longer ago than I realize, Nancy and Bob moved away to be near their son who, in Nancy’s word, “will take care of us in our gaga years.” Bob died 12/27/2013. Eleven days later Nancy died on 1/7/2014.


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  1. acityquilter Says:

    so sorry to hear of your loss….and seminole sampler closed…a double loss indeed.

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