2014 Stash Update

I know this sort of post is boring but it’s primarily for me. I decided that this year I would start keeping track of what’s coming in and what’s going out to see whether I’m adding to or reducing my vast fabric collection. Counting what’s coming in is reasonably easy to do by yardage but that’s not very workable for measuring what’s used.

To measure outgoing I will be weighing items that are ready to be quilted. I have a hand-held luggage scale that may work for this purpose. I remember an appraiser saying a pound of cotton quilting fabric is about 4 yards. I need to weigh a known amount of fabric to calibrate my measurements because I don’t think it’s very accurate, especially at low weights. … 15 yards weighed 4.6 pounds according to this scale. But, when I weighed about that much of batiks, it never registered over 1.6. What??? Does that make any sense? That’s what it said when I weighed 8 yards of batiks and why I don’t trust this scale. Maybe I need to try my food scale. Another day.


These were my last purchase from Seminole Sampler before the store closed forever. The pink is just because it’s beautiful. The giraffe because I love animal prints. The purple is intended to be binding for a project I inherited from Amy with a little extra for stash.

6.5 yds pink, 1 yd purple and giraffe

6.5 yds pink, 1 yd purple and giraffe

I bought some AccuQuilt Go dies from Mountain Lake Quilting and they included an unexpected gift of 8 wonderful black and white fat quarters. The blue piece is so I can finish the 2012 Saturday Sampler star quilt from Seminole Sampler.

8 unexpected FQs and 2 yards to finish a work in progress.

8 unexpected FQs and 2 yards to finish a work in progress.

Birthday goodies! The top 2 were used as wrapping for gifts. The cat fabrics on the bottom were the gift.

2 FQs and 4 half-yards

2 FQs and 4 half-yards of cat fabrics

Yesterday at Sew and Tell Sharon gave me a plastic grocery bag full of strips. I forgot all about figuring out how much I was adding. I just dumped it into my string bin and started sewing. The stuff in the bin has been thoroughly stirred up so there is no way to extract the new stuff. I may have to make up a number to account for some of it.


At the end of January I took Colette’s quilt to the quilter. The top and backing fabric weighed 4.8-5 pounds. That should be about 19-20 yards. The backing fabric was a little heavier so I’m going with 20.

In: 15 yards    Out: 20 yards     2014 total: -5 yards

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!



4 Responses to “2014 Stash Update”

  1. acityquilter Says:

    i’m keeping track of purchases/used yardage this year myself…so far i am losing….LOL

    • Barbara Says:

      I hear you. At least, I didn’t buy most of my additions so far this year.   Are you the one who is moving to this area? If so, let me know when you get here. Spring quilt show season starts in a couple of weeks. We have a wealth of shows in this area.

      Barbara Bennett, Columbia, MD

      >________________________________ >From: Stash Overflow >To: barbara_a_bennett@yahoo.com >Sent: Tuesday, February 18, 2014 9:05 AM >Subject: [Stash Overflow] Comment: “2014 Stash Update” > > > >

  2. ncutt Says:

    i do pretty good on my stash until i start keeping track…then i just lose control…

  3. Shirley Sherrod Says:

    I too tried to keep track last year but very quickly got lost in the shuffle, so to speak. I guess I should try again this year as I can easily account for what I have used so far and what little has come in. It looks like you did quite well in the Row by Row 2014. Will you be participating in this year’s as well? I need to get out my kits that I bought and log them as you did.

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