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And they’re off!

November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

For the last several years, I’ve spent Thanksgiving day at the Laurel Park Racetrack with my friends, Caren and Paul.We get a great buffet and a day of horse racing. I forgot to take pictures.

In past years, the admission fee of $2 or $3 got us free coffee or apple cider and a donut and a free pumpkin or apple pie. Last year they changed bakers and the pies weren’t very good. This year – no pie. The Jockey Club said it had gotten too expensive. Oh, well, I shouldn’t be eating pie anyway.

Monday it was 74 degrees and yesterday it snowed. That’s life in Maryland. The snow made the racetrack muddy today which made handicapping more problematic. But, the horses in the races on Thanksgiving aren’t very good anyway so handicapping is usually a crapshoot. A lot of the races are maiden races which means the horses have never won a race. I learned today that one of my quilt guild members is one of the track vets.

I had a great day as far as betting went. I won my bets in the first race and the last race and some in-between. It’s always more fun when I win. I think this might be the best I’ve done on Thanksgiving.

We’re now in Bonnie Hunter season. The first mystery of hers I did was 2012 (Easy Street). I followed her colors very closely so my quilt looks like thousands of others. Last year I intended to use different colors until she revealed hers. She picked the colors I have the most of in my stash so I had to go ahead and use them.  But, I got behind with the first clue and didn’t progress very far. I hope to work on it at the same time as this year’s mystery.

I’m mostly using her colors again this year because I couldn’t think of substitutes for that many colors.

Grand Illusion fabrics.

Grand Illusion fabrics.

I’m using brown instead of black and off-white for the neutrals to keep sufficient contrast with the colors. I have a very large stash so everything came from there except the 2 yellow fabrics. I didn’t have a single piece large enough because I mostly buy half-yards and fat quarters. I found the yellow with pink, blue and green stripey bits on it at a local shop. It should be perfect for the binding.

First clue will be released tomorrow morning.