Just keep cutting, just keep cutting . . .

Bonnie released the first clue for the Grand Illusion mystery quilt on Friday. I got an Accuquilt die cutter a year ago and am determined to use it for this quilt. As careful as I try to be, my cutting isn’t as accurate as I would like. The problem is: we don’t know what size and shape of pieces we will be cutting so can’t get the dies in advance. Not whining, Bonnie, just explaining. Two local shops carry the dies and I was sure I would be able to get what I needed. But, no luck at either shop.

I had the necessary die for the squares but not for the half-square triangles. While it would be easier with the specific die for the size triangles we need because that die cuts 12 triangles in one go, the value die that came with the machine does include 2 of the right size triangles. Here’s what I’ve managed to cut so far:


Still to cut:


Lest you think I’ve been doing nothing, I had some deadline items that had to be done. Friday morning I ran some errands including picking up my travel sewing machine from its tuneup and the futile attempt to acquire the die. Friday afternoon I had to put the binding on a quilt for my hairdresser who is having her first baby in a couple of weeks. That quilt needs to be gifted this coming Friday. I did get the squares cut on Friday.

Saturday I had to fuse 2 applique blocks for Mimi’s grad school meeting this morning.

Sunday after finding out the other shop also didn’t have the die, I decided to bite the bullet and cut the triangles with the value die. I was also supposed to do the label for the quilt I’m getting appraised tomorrow morning but that didn’t happen.

My friend Patty is doing the mystery quilt in two different sets of colors. Hers will be much smaller than Bonnie’s quilt so it’s not as much work as it sounds like. Patty is using one fabric per color rather than scrappy.


Patty’s blocks showing her 2 color ways.

See what others are doing on the mystery.


One Response to “Just keep cutting, just keep cutting . . .”

  1. zoanna Says:

    I don’t have the GO! machine, but I can understand how it would help to have the die ahead of time. I cut all my pinks and turquoises but measured them wrong for HSTs. I had put together 100 before I checked back with the directions to make sure I was on tracks. Woops. “Just keep cutting” is my mantra , too!

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