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Row by Row: Expedition 1

June 30, 2015

Living here in the mid-Atlantic region, I am fortunate to have access to dozens of quilt shops within a 2 hour drive. The Row by Row Experience started on June 21. I’ve found that shop hops can be overwhelming unless one has a plan of what to look for. I like to buy a little something at every shop to help keep them in business, especially when I’m getting something for free. I’m especially conscious of this since my home away from home quilt shop closed last year. While cutting fabric recently, I ran across this print.


The color scheme struck me as one I’d like to use soon. Although I could probably put together enough fabrics from my stash in these colors, I decided to use this as my fallback and look for fat quarters on the shop hop.

So, last Tuesday, Linda, Patty and I were off! Our first expedition was to shops in the Gettysburg, PA area.

First stop was Itchin’ 2 Stitch in Waynesboro, PA – a new shop that opened in November 2014. None of us had been there before.


They had a license plate but I couldn’t bring myself to buy it because they used an apostrophe in a plural, “Quilt’n Diva’s”. That sort of thing drives me nuts.


The ladies who waited on us at Itchin’ to Stitch.

The fat quarter table. Wouldn't you love to dive into this?

The fat quarter table. Wouldn’t you love to dive into this?

I fell for these lovely tone on tones.

I fell for these lovely tone on tones.

I’ve learned over the years that I prefer tone-on-tones that have multiple values of the color. If I’m remembering correctly, Alex Anderson calls these light givers.

Second stop was The Sew’n Place in Fayetteville, PA. This was also a new shop to all of us. Although the store has been in business for many years, the location was fairly new. She Who Must Be Obeyed (my GPS) wouldn’t offer their street number as a possibility so I had to choose the nearest number she allowed. This huge sign was a big help:


The Sew'n Place building.

The Sew’n Place building.

Pretty flowers hanging outside the store.

Pretty flowers hanging outside the store.

I saw this Halloween fabric with cats and had to get some. Bonus – it was on sale, 40% off.


I didn’t notice the spiders until I was at the cutting table. I don’t do spiders at all. I don’t know how my phobia began but I can’t even stand to see pictures of spiders. I’ve bypassed other fabric just because it had spiders on it. The most recent one had a spider about 2-3 feet long. Shudder. I decided I could live with these. Maybe because it’s so busy, I see the cats, houses and swirls mostly.

The people at this store informed us that the next store on our list, Needle and Thread in Gettysburg, was closed on Tuesdays. Well, pooh!  We headed to Gettysburg anyway because we were going to Springhouse Tavern at Dobbin House for lunch. We used to eat there when Quilt Odyssey was in Gettysburg.

Shop 3 was Simply Stashing Fabric & Quilts in Littlestown, PA. Patty and I had been there once years ago when it was The Quilt Patch. The current owner had been in business for 1 year. I got some fat quarters in my shop hop color scheme.


Our fourth stop in PA was Danner’s Bernina Shoppe in Hanover, PA. This was also a new store to all of us although Patty and I had seen them vending at a quilt show. Their new location is very large but focused on machines. I was surprised at how little fabric they had for such a large store. That said, they were the first store that had any of the Row by Row theme fabrics. Their row sample was the nicest we’ve seen. The woman who made it added borders and turned it into a table runner. I didn’t take a picture. It featured sailboats which goes perfectly with the Row by Row sailboat fabric.

The sailboat fabric is one of the row by row prints. The stripes were just gorgeous. The fat quarter goes with my color scheme.

The sailboat fabric is one of the row by row prints. The stripes were just gorgeous. The fat quarter goes with my color scheme.

We headed for home since that was the last shop on our list. On the way home while passing through Westminster, MD, we remembered that there was a shop there, Jomax Sew and Vac. It’s primarily a machine store and has only a little fabric. I got their license plate.


Since we had plenty of time left in the day, we decided to stop at Patches Quilting & Sewing in Mt. Airy, MD. They had a lot of the Row by Row prints so I picked up several. Somehow Jackie missed putting the pattern in my bag. I’ll have to remember to get it when I go to class in August.


We managed to just beat the horrific thunderstorms home. Tired but a satisfactory day for all. Tomorrow we’re hitting the shops on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.