Row by Row: Lancaster County, PA

On July 8, Patty, Linda and I went Row by Row shop hopping in Lancaster County, PA. Many of the stores are very close so we were able to do 10 stores in one day. Unbelievable!

Our first stop of the day was Weaver’s Dry Goods. I had been there many years ago. It’s a totally different place now. I remember it as being small and dark with narrow isles and bolts piled high – difficult to browse. Now it is large and brightly lit, with wide isles. The fabrics are grouped by type or style. Every time I turned a corner I found another room. Definitely on my list of places to go when on a hunting trip. I exercised restraint and only got the license plate.


Burkholder Fabrics was the next stop. OMG, where has this store been all my life? This was my first time and it’s another that is going onto the list of places to go when on a hunting expedition. The store doesn’t look so big from the front but, like the engergizer bunny, it just keeps going and going and going.

Linda and I split a fat quarter pack of 30s fabrics. All FQ packs were 50% off!

Linda and I split a fat quarter pack of 30s fabrics. All FQ packs were 50% off!

Our third stop was Sauder’s Fabrics. This store is an old favorite. This is one of the stops on our guild’s fall shopping trip every year.


A couple of farmer’s market fabrics and some great dolphins or whales, plus the license plate.

From there we headed to East Earl, PA to Family Farm Fabrics. I didn’t buy anything here this time. Patty did and maybe Linda did, so I didn’t feel like I had to.

The row pattern.

The row pattern.

After this it was time for lunch at Shady Maple Smorgasbord. Now we were properly fortified for the afternoon’s work.

Cedar Lane Dry Goods was a shop none of us had been to before and probably won’t again. It was a typical Amish general merchandise store with fabric. Again, Patty found something to buy but I didn’t.


Family Farm Quilts (not to be confused with Family Farm Fabrics listed earlier) was 2 minutes away. This is a shop with made stuff to sell to tourists. I gathered that they recently started carrying fabric.

I found this cute elephant key chain.

I found this cute elephant key chain. I’ll probably use it as a zipper pull or purse decoration rather than for keys.

On to Kitchen Kettle Village. Patty and I went to the jam shop where I got some delicious gluten-free peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Only 6 ingredients: peanut butter, sugar, egg, baking soda, salt and chocolate chips. No flour of any kind. With a non-sugar sweetener, these are almost healthy. I also picked up some kettle korn.

Zooks Fabrics is next door to KKV. Uncharateristically, Patty bought again and I didn’t.

Zook's row.

Zook’s row.

The Old Country Store is down the block from KKV. It has stuff for tourists in the front and the quilt shop in the back. I bought the row kit (can’t remember why) and the finishing kit (had a die-cut horse and buggy in it). Also got some of the cut umbrella fabric Patty found.wpid-20150714_103213.jpg

Five minutes down the road is Log Cabin Quilt Shop. It’s another with tourist stuff in the front and the quilt shop in the back. Look what I found here – the die cut horse and buggies. I didn’t need to buy the kit at Old Country Store after all. I got one going in each direction.wpid-20150714_102946.jpg

Another 5 minutes and we’re at The Quilt Shop at Miller’s. This place only has already made stuff for tourists but they had a really cute row pattern. It was a row of fish bowls, really nice proportions.


That makes 10 shops in one day. We chose not to include Brubakers Sewing Center this year. It’s machines only. A good day was had by all but we were ready to head for home.

Total Row by Row shops visited so far: 21.


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