Row by Row: Northern Illinois

While I was in Chicago I had to visit some shops for Row by Row, didn’t I? I would have done them all in one day except my favorite store isn’t open on Mondays so I had to do it the next day. The best thing about Row by Row in nothern Illinois is that the Northern Illinois Shop Hop dates coincide with Row by Row dates. When you get the shop hop passport stamped, you get 15% off your purchase that day. The shops are divided into 3 regions. I printed out my passports so I could get the discount even though I wasn’t attempting to do the entire shop hop. Unfortunately, I forgot about the passport in a couple of shops. Row by Row kits weren’t discounted, at least in some stores.

My first stop was Quilters Quest in Woodridge, IL. This always strikes me as odd because the MD-VA shop hop is called Quilters’ Quest. I visited this shop last year. The only reason I went this year was because I really wanted their row. All I got here was the kit because everything was already fused and cut, ready to arrange and sew.

Quilters Quest row in horizontal format.

Quilters Quest row in horizontal format.

Quilters Quest row in vertical format.

Quilters Quest row in vertical format.

Prairie Shop Quilts in Batavia, IL was next. This shop was new to me. It was bright and airy. I think they must have all of Sharon Malec’s patterns. I picked up the Schnauzer because my brother has mini-Schnauzers. I hope I don’t already have this one. The corn fabric will make great binding for one or more food print quilts. The patriotic print on the left is for me. The Star Spangled Banner print is for sharing with Kristen, Beverly and Mimi who were the leaders of the Stitching History project where we recreated the Star Spangled Banner flag.wpid-20150814_132549.jpg

Royal Patchwork in Huntley, IL was difficult to find. It’s in a strip mall. The other stores have big signs above but this one doesn’t. The owner (I assume) said she could spend $2500 on a sign or on fabric for the shop. I understand but I drove by this 2 or 3 times before I saw it. It’s easier if you’re not alone in the car because then the passengers can be the lookouts. This is a small shop that was new to me. I wanted their pattern which was a row of fancy ducks. The snowflake flannel feels luxurious and will make a nice back for a winter quilt.


After lunch, I headed for Sewing Source Inc in Lake Villa, IL, also new to me. This is a very tired looking store. It looked like it’s a machine store. I couldn’t find anything interesting here so only picked up a fabric plate.


I visited Linda Z’s Sewing Center in Arlington Heights, IL last year. It’s a machine and general sewing shop. Quilting seems to be an after thought here. I wanted their row pattern. I did find these 2 wood prints.


Fabrics Etc. 2. Inc. in Bensenville, IL was my last stop of the day. This is a huge shop that I first visited last year. I found some fun fabrics. I picked up their row kit because it had a die cut anchor and the “rope”. They also had other die cuts. I thought the Ahoy with the anchor might come in handy one day.


Fun, fictitious movie posters for horror shows.

Fun, fictitious movie posters for horror shows.

Cats and dogs on social media.

Cats and dogs on social media.

How could I leave this bag behind?

How could I leave this bag behind?

The next morning I ran out to my favorite store, so far, in the Chicago area –  in Westmont, IL. It’s not as large as Fabrics Etc but it’s big. I love almost everything they have. I’m glad I don’t live near this store. My brother would be calling for a hoarder intervention. I had to restrain myself. They had 2 sample quilts that I loved. I settled for buying the book and strip set for one of them plus a pattern. The block pattern used in their row looks like a Judy Niemeyer pattern – at least I couldn’t see any difference between their row and the pattern I was comparing it to. I think they carry all of Judy’s patterns. They are a certified shop for teaching her technique.


It hit me that if I got home before my brother I wouldn’t be able to get into the house. I left the back door unlocked but the tenant upstairs would lock it when she left. Got to get him to give me a key. We were supposed to trade keys last year but forgot. On the way home I stopped at Mariano’s to pick up a few treats. Mariano’s is an upscale grocery, something like Wegman’s out here in the east. Had a relaxing afternoon enjoying the wonderful weather before heading back to Maryland. Sat on the front porch and did some stitching on Hex on the Beach.



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