Celtic Soltice: Finished!

I was determined to get this one finished before this year’s mystery started. And I did! By finished, I mean ready for the quilter.

I auditioned several options for the second border. Bonnie’s way is on the left side. I knew I didn’t want to do it that way. Around the top are diamonds, each made of two of the Peaky and Spike units. In case you don’t know, Peaky and Spike was the name given by Doreen Speckman to the triangle in a square unit. Unfortunately, she died suddenly around 2000.


I tried flipping the units in opposite directions along the bottom and lower right side. I like the look but not for this quilt.


Some people put the units like the ones on the lower left side. I tried it both ways.


I went with the diamonds. I finished in time to show it at guild on Monday night. Ta da!


And, here’s the back. I like to take a block from the front and blow it up, then border it.


I often have pieces of fabric left from the front that aren’t big enough to make the patch for the back, so I piece them to get a large enough piece. That shows most clearly in the four-patches. I pulled up this block in EQ5 to get the rotary curring instructions for the peaky and spike unit. The first one came out a little bit small but everything worked out anyway. I took the cutoffs from the large yellow triangle and sewed them together to make the opposite yellow triangle. The pieced one was smaller than the other but everything worked out anyway. Don’t ask me how. The back is square, as it should be.

Saturday it will go to the quilter and I won’t have to see it again until sometime next year.

I’m linking to Jo’s pre-mystery UFO challenge. Check out what others are working on.


6 Responses to “Celtic Soltice: Finished!”

  1. Laura Says:

    That’s such a fun idea for the back of the quilt!

    • Barbara Says:

      Thanks for commenting. You were very quick. I’ve never seen such a short time between posting and receiving a comment.

      I enjoy making the large block backs. This is the third one I’ve done for Bonnie’s mystery quilts. It’s fun and goes pretty fast.

      Barbara Bennett,
      Columbia, MD

  2. Barb in MI Says:

    Love your diamond border – and your backing! Great job!

    • Barbara Says:

      Thank you for commenting.

      Someone else came up with the diamond border idea first. I’m sorry that I don’t know who it was to give credit to her.

      I enjoy making the large block backs. This is the third one I’ve done for Bonnie’s mystery quilts. It’s fun and goes pretty fast.

      Barbara Bennett,
      Columbia, MD

  3. maggie fellow Says:

    great work

  4. Sarah in California Says:

    Your pieced back is very clever. This summer I finished my Celtic Solstice but Grand Illusion is still only partially finished.

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