Webbing the quilt top

I learned the technique of webbing blocks and the quilt top from an Eleanor Burns book. While I use it for blocks, I only use it for part of the quilt top. For me, webbing the entire quilt top as one piece is too much bulk to handle. The process is the same whether sewing together a block or a quilt top.

So, what does webbing the quilt mean? Suppose we have a nine-block quilt. The first step is to sew the blocks in the second column to the blocks in the first column and keep the chain together.


Then, sew the blocks in the third column to the blocks in the second column, keeping everything chained together. Now, the three rows are complete and each row is attached to the row below it by the chain stitching.


Now, sew the rows together, keeping the unsewn rows attached by the chain stitches.


Sew the third row to the others and you’re done.

Here are the Celtic Solstice piles with column 1 on the left and column 2 on the right. I flip the column 2 block over onto the column 1 block and sew them together. Do that for all the blocks in the piles.


It’s too long to show the whole thing but here is part of the first 2 columns after the step above. Can you see that each set of blocks is attached to the next by the chain stitching?


I do that with each set of 2 columns, until I get them all done. In this case I had an odd number of columns so the last set had 3 columns webbed together. In the photo below, I’m getting ready to add the 3rd column to the previous 2.wpid-20151012_115312.jpg

This photo shows why I don’t like to web large quilt tops. This was just the 3 columns and became hopelessly tangled. I had to snip some of the chain stitching to untangle them. I had to be very careful to keep the blocks in the correct order.


I hope this made sense of webbing the quilt.


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