All the Shiny New Projects: Log Cabins

Lest you think all I’ve done this year is shop, to paraphrase a current commercial, there’s been a whole lot of doin’ in here.

Way back in the before time, Mary Ellen Hopkins, one of the quilting world’s Olympians when I started, recommended cutting log cabin strips no wider than 1.25″. I ended up with this bin full of strips just waiting to be used. I had a picture of it with the strips but lost all the pictures I hadn’t uploaded when my phone had to be reset to factory defaults earlier this week. Sigh.

When the Quilters Hall of Fame celebration came around this summer, I signed up for Sue Troyan’s Log Cabin class. Unfortunately, Sue had to cancel due to a death in the family. I decided not to cancel the class. The cutting list called for 1.25″ wide strips except for the last round which was to be 1.5″ to allow a little extra for trimming to end up with a block the right size.

The HOF found a substitute teacher. The class ended up being simply a paper piecing class which I didn’t really need. Of course, we didn’t get any of Sue’s tips for making the block. I made 24 paper pieced blocks using the foundatons from the class. After that, I decided that as long as I was cutting the pieces to size, I could dispense with the paper if I heavily starched the strips. I didn’t need to cut larger strips for the outside round since the blocks would come out the correct size.

This is where I would show a picture of the strips hanging on the drying rack if I still had it.

This is the first quilt from the log cabin bin. I used Bonnie Hunter’s definition of a neutral for the lights. Part way through I ran out of those strips so cut some shirtings.


For the rest of the blocks I decided to use white on white prints for the light side and put any remaining light background strips on the dark side. I figured the whites would provide enough contrast for that to work.

This bin was full to the brim of logs after I cut up all the strips in my bin and added light strips from stash. I lost that picture, too. It looked so nice with all the logs lined up like little soldiers.


The logs in that bin turned into these blocks. There are about 140 if I counted correctly when I cut the logs.


I haven’t decided how big the quilts will be or what settings I’ll use. For now, these are a pile of blocks. I moved on to other things.



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