All the Shiny New Projects: Autumn Leaves


Sometime last year, Linda was at the cutting table with the fabric on the left. Of course, I had to have some, too. It is so georgeous. I knew exactly what to do with it. It will be the border for the Vermont Maple Leaf Quilt. The picture on the cover of the pattern doesn’t do the quilt justice. I first saw the quilt in person a few years back at the Quilter’s Unlimited quilt show in Chantilly, VA. At that time the only way you could get the pattern was to buy her kit. A couple of years ago she started selling the pattern without the kit. The light blue fabric on the right is the background I chose.

I’m making the leaves out of Kaffe Fassett collective prints. I made a fussy cutting paper template and used that to determine where to cut the fabric. I cut out a square the size of the paper template.


After cutting the squares, I put fusible on them. I used Misty Fuse which has no paper backing. That makes it a little difficult to work with but I’ve been using it enough to get the hang of it. The hardest thing about it is that it is so fine, it’s hard to see.


The teflon pressing sheet on the ironing board is the bottom layer.


I laid the Misty Fuse on the pressing sheet, then carefully laid the fabric squares on top, right side up. You can see the pressing sheet looks lighter on the left where the Misty Fuse hasn’t been cut away. I trim the fusible away from the fabric before fusing so I don’t waste it.


Then I cover the squares with another pressing sheet or parchment paper and iron according to the instructions. I’ve used parchment paper here.


After they’re fused and cooled, I peel them off the teflon sheet and cut the squares apart. Then I let them cure for a bit. I used my plastic leaf template and trace around it on the fusible side using a Pigma pen. I carefully cut out the leaf so I have a positive and negative version. I give the outside part that isn’t the leaf to Linda who does things with them.

After pulling fabrics that I thought went with the border fabric, I didn’t have quite enough. I had 3 fat quarter towers I bought in Paducah in 2013 (or was it 2012?) so I washed them and pulled the ones that went with the color scheme and cut more leaves.

Of course, I ended up with more leaves than I need. It’s going to be hard to decide which ones to not use. If the pattern had each leaf on a separate background, I could sew them all and not worry about which one goes where until the end. But, the pattern calls for putting 4 leaves together on one piece of background. That means I have to decide on the layout of which fabric goes where before I do any sewing. I’ll have to remember to mark each block with it’s position in the quilt.

The quilt size in the pattern isn’t quite as large as I like for a queen size bed so I’m adding an extra leaf on the side and bottom – those blocks will have 2 leaves per background. That’s all the background fabric I have. I can’t even find the scraps that must have been left. Maybe they’ll turn up somewhere. I’ll probably make the border larger also but won’t decide that until the top is assembled.


A mess of leaves ready to fuse.

After I fuse the leaves to the backgrounds, I’ll stitch them by hand with buttonhole stitch using Valdani #12 perle cotton thread.

After I’m finished fusing, I clean the teflon sheet of any fusible residue by rubbing it with a bath scrubby.


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