All the Shiny New Projects: Kim McLean’s Village

I’m a sucker for house quilts but what really got my attention in Kim McLean’s Village quilt was the animals.


I picked up the pattern at the AQS show in Lancaster, PA last spring. The vendor had a fabric that would have worked for the background but she didn’t have enough. In June at the Quilter’s Unlimited show in Chantilly, VA, I found a fabric I had to have for the background.


This is a directional fabric so I couldn’t use the cutting instructions in the pattern. I had to make up a cutting diagram to keep all the pieces going in the correct direction. That was necessary to calculate whether or not I bought enough fabric. So far, I think I’m good.


Why didn’t I make the diagram larger so it was easier to read? I have no idea. I haven’t cut all the pieces but I think I’ve got plenty left.

I don’t care at all for the fence fabric the designer used. I chose this fabric:


It’s also directional so I had to make sure I cut it so the grain goes the correct way.

The two fabric pictures are sideways. WordPress upgraded and now I don’t see any way to rotate the images. If you happen to know how to do it, please let me know.




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