Sourdough Stars

After I finish a big project, like Celtic Solstice, I flounder around for a bit. I spend a few days working on mindless piecing as something of a palatte cleanser. I spent a few days making Wild and Goosey blocks.


Not entirely mindless but they served the purpose. I piddled around tidying things up around the studio getting ready for Bonnie Hunter season. While doing that I ran across the bonus triangle squares from Grand Illusion. They hadn’t been pressed yet so I did that. The next thing I knew I was cutting fabric for the squares needed for Pinky Swear, designed by Jo Kramer to use the bonus triangle squares.


That used the pink/neutral half-square triangle squares but I still had the brown/neutral squares. I decided that since I had a pink and brown top, I should make a blue and brown top. I finished it on Sunday.


Here they are side by side.


I’m calling these Sourdough Stars because the bonus triangles they started with are the quilting equivalent of sourdough starter. You take some leftovers from a project, add some new stuff and get another quilt top.

Only 3 more sleeps until the first Bonnie Hunter Mystery clue!



One Response to “Sourdough Stars”

  1. Sourdough Stars finished | Stash Overflow Says:

    […] squares from making Bonnie Hunter’s 2014 mystery, Grand Illusion. I previously wrote about these as tops. I’ve started thinking of them as Pinky and Blue […]

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