Allietare: The Fabrics

The first Bonnie Hunter mystery I did was 2012’s Easy Street. I used her colors because it was the first time. I intended to use different colors for the next mystery but her colors were the ones I had the most of, so I had to use them. Last year, for Grand Illusion, I didn’t have any other ideas so I used her colors except for substituting brown for black.

Earlier this year, while cutting from my floral fabrics, I ran across this one and the color scheme really spoke to me. I hoped to be able to use it for this years mystery. It looks washed out in this picture. It shows up better in some of the other pictures.


I anxiously awaited the reveal of this years colors. I can’t remember when I was this excited. It was like when I was a little kid waiting for Santa. Every day of that week in October I went to Bonnie’s blog, sure that the colors would be released that day, only to be disappointed.

When they were finally released, I saw the first color: gold. Well, darn, my scheme has gold. The second color: red. Well, darn, mine has coral which is different but in the same color family. Then, our schemes parted company. Great, mine will work!


The first draft of gold fabrics.


These were the winners. Everything looks very brown and washed out in this picture instead of gold. The dark fabric is my constant. I was checking to make sure there was enough contrast with the darker golds.


These were eliminated for being too dark, too light or just not quite the right color.

I neglected to take a picture of the corals before I started messing with them.


Sorted into 4 color groups with the inspiration fabric in the center.


All of the fabrics lined up with the inspiration. Should I remove the brighter pinks? I don’t know why this picture is sideways.


The brighter pinks have been removed in this picture. I think I’ll leave them in.

For the constant color, Bonnie used grey, I’m using a beautiful cinnamon brown.


This picture doesn’t do justice to the rich color. As you can see, it’s a perfect match to the inspiration fabric.

Where Bonnie used black, I will be using dark blue/blue purple.


The dark blue and purple in the inspiration fabric.


The candidates.


The rejects. Some are too light. The color is wrong in some. I really wanted to use the batik on the right but it has too many colors in it and stood out too much.


I’m leaving this one in. Yes, the print is what you think it is. And, although it doesn’t show in the picture, it has glitter on it. You’ll never guess who gave me this fat quarter – Baltimore’s own applique queen, Mimi Dietrich! One woman in our grad school class used a piece in her Y2K quilt and told her grandchildren it was dog bones and worms.


The winners for the dark color.

For neutrals, my inspiration fabric calls for a rosy beige. This is a very difficult color of neutral to find. Fortunately, I have plenty in my fabric collection.


The candidates.


These are the lightest ones. I won’t use the bottom two but I’m torn about the top one. Time will tell.

Our adventure is about to start. Are you ready?




2 Responses to “Allietare: The Fabrics”

  1. Allietare: Clue 1 | Stash Overflow Says:

    […] I showed my colors and fabric choices in an earlier post. […]

  2. Vireya Says:

    Great way to find a colour scheme!

    I used the view from my sewing room as the inspiration for mine.

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