Allietare: Clue 1

I showed my colors and fabric choices in an earlier post.

I part ways with Bonnie when I find other techniques that work better for me. A case in point is the EZ Angle ruler. I used it for a couple of earlier mysteries but was never happy with the results. I don’t know if my cutting and sewing aren’t quite compatible for accurate results or if it is something else. I do know that the pieces I cut weren’t always the same size. I think I turned the ruler wrong when trying to cut the other way – watch Bonnie’s video for the right way to do it. I gave up on rotary cutting the pieces because I found a better way for me. What does work for me is heavily starching the fabric and die cutting the pieces.


The last batch of pieces, cut to the die size, ready to process.


Pieces laid out in bin ready to be starched.


Pieces soaked with starch.


Starched pieces laid out on the drying rack. I’ve found that ironing them dry distorts the grain. I let them completely dry.


Dry, starched pieces ready to iron. Iron them flat.


The die I’m using. It cuts 6 pieces from each layer of fabric.


Layer the fabrics with right sides together. That way they’re ready to sew. Although the Accuquilt Go! will cut 6 layers, I prefer to do 4 layers.


After cutting. The cutting mat has been removed.


Carefully peel off the excess aroung the outside. There are often threads still holding the pieces together at the corners where 2 shapes meet. Have a pair of small scissors handy to cut any threads that weren’t cut by the die.


There is some waste but I’m willing to pay that price for the accuracy. Notice that the pieces have engineered corners. No dog ears to cut off when the pieces are sewn together.


Oops! I put one of the fabrics the wrong way on the die. I didn’t notice till I’d sewn three of them with right side of the neutral to the wrong side of the constant fabric. Had to do these over.




Clue 1 finished.

I was very pleased to see this the other day. Two bud stalks on my antique amaryllis. Read the story of the mother plant (scroll to the end of the post).


See how others are doing with clue 1 at Bonnie’s link-up party.



6 Responses to “Allietare: Clue 1”

  1. Andee Neff Says:

    I hear ya..I do better with Triangulations than EZ Angle…I finally use the ruler right but I sew better on a line..hahah!

    • Barbara Says:

      Thanks for commenting. I found that the accuquilt and the Bernina 57 foot with the metal guide on the side work hand in hand for perfect results. When I rotary cut, the 57 foot gives me too scant a seam. With the 37 foot (no metal guide) I wander and get a variable size seam allowance that tends to be too fat. I don’t think the Accuquilt is faster than rotary cutting, at least not the way I do it. Barbara Bennett, Columbia, MD

  2. aftermathquilting Says:

    I went back to your post about fabric choices. It will be fun to see how it turns out. This is only my third mystery, but like you I usually change at least one color. so far it’s worked.

    • Barbara Says:

      Thanks for commenting. I’m anxious to see how this color scheme turns out. Will I like it as much as I like the fabric that inspired it? I’m planning to do another scrappy quilt with the same colors but the background will be the gold instead of neutral. It will be interesting to see how two different designs look using the same fabrics. Will they look like the same color scheme? Stay tuned and we’ll find out. Barbara Bennett, Columbia, MD

  3. Debra Says:

    Love those fabrics…and your process.

  4. Vireya Says:

    Amazing to see an antique bulb still growing. And your mystery is looking good, too!

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