Mimi Dietrich’s Grad School Surprise

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a member of Mimi Dietrich’s grad school class. We meet once a month at Bears Paw Fabrics in Towson, MD. In December we had a potluck along with our normal show and tell.

After lunch I returned to my seat to find a dowel next to my stuff. I thought, “Who put this stick here?” Then I noticed that there were sticks at other seats, also. I wasn’t the only one wondering what was up. After I saw that everyone had one, I figured it was part of the surprise Mimi said she had for us.

Mimi uses grad school members as stunt quilters for her books when she needs more sewing done than she can accomplish in time by herself. In 2004, she asked us to work on pieces for Easy Applique Samplers. Mimi designed each piece, selected the fabrics and, for some, specified techniques.

The surprise was that she decided to give them to those of us in grad school! Rather than keep them stuck in a cupboard until she dies and expecting her sons to do something with them, she wanted to let them go out into the world.

I received the one I worked on. I did the applique (fused with hand blanket stitch) and embroidery. Barbara Laskowski quilted it. Mimi did the binding, sleeve and label.


Linda is away dealing with a death in the family, so missed the meeting. Because she needs some sunshine in her life right now, Mimi felt this one should go to Linda. I don’t know who did the work on this one.



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