Allietare: Clue 5

Yup. Still a week behind. I always get depressed about the mystery when Bonnie releases the reveal on New Year’s Day or does a fast finish like she did with Easy Street. I’m always at least 2 clues behind by that point because of holiday travel.

I finished clues 4 and 5 on Saturday.


Clue 4


Clue 5

Haven’t had a chance to work on it since Saturday. Sunday was Sew and Tell, Monday was Mimi’s Grad School and guild and today was the heat pump guy for the winter maintenance. I though I’d be able to do some work today but I spent the day moving things out of piles and closer to where they belong. We won’t discuss how long some of those piles have existed.

One of the things I found today was a bag from Row by Row. In it were these fat quarters that I bought to use in the mystery. Crap. Well, I guess I can use them on the back.


Oh, just realized I can use the gold and coral in as centers for 2 of the blocks. Now I feel better.

See how far everyone else has gotten at this week’s link-up.



7 Responses to “Allietare: Clue 5”

  1. Debra Says:

    pretty, pretty..

  2. stitchinggrandma Says:

    love the blue!! I didn’t get much done over the holidays; and clue 4 took me 2 weeks of hard labor~!~ My sewing room is over the garage and I often just leave it in a huge mess when I have a project. It is pretty bad right now, and I have been searching for certain bits. I forced myself to clean and put away for an hour yesterday, then I worked on assembly of about 12 blocks. I love the way it is coming together. Can’t wait to see yours finish with that pop of blue!

  3. Rhoda Forbes Says:

    Your colors are gorgeous, don’t worry about being behind it is not a race. Can’t wait to see your blocks. Happy sewing.

  4. Vireya Says:

    The gold and coral will make lovely centres. It will be a beautiful quilt.

  5. Andee Neff Says:

    You are coming along!

  6. Koojiebear Says:

    I have only done a smaller sized quilt – as yet unfinished so no worries. It will look gorgeous with those colours.

  7. Lynette Caulkins Says:

    Oh! I really love your colors. Look forward to seeing it laid out. I wouldn’t worry at all about taking longer for these mysteries. I doubt I will ever finish one in Bonnie’s reveal time frame. I have too much other stuff I greatly prefer doing at that time of year. January is a perfect catch-up month for it. šŸ™‚ (And Bonnie never does these at the holiday time, either – she does them in the summer ahead of when she gifts them to us.)

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