2001: A Calendar Odyssey

QHOF 122

2001: A Calendar Odyssey

I thought we started this project in 2001 but Mimi says we started it in 2002. I had already named it so let’s believe it was started in 2001, OK? The picture above was taken when the quilt was hanging in the Quilter’s Hall of Fame exhibition for Mimi Dietrich’s installation in 2015.

This block of the month, Folk Art Fancies, was designed by Lisa DeBee Schiller. I can’t find any website for her.

Where possible I try to do something I’ve never done before on our grad school projects. For this one it was my first log cabin and first fused applique with hand buttonhole stitch.

Each block has a star in the background because of Lisa’s Texas background. One night at the Baltimore Applique Society meeting, Kathy Siuta, Anita (whose last name escapes me right now) and I were talking about the project. Kathy said, “I’m not from Texas. I don’t want stars in my blocks. I’m from Maryland – I’m going to put a crab on mine.” (I don’t think she actually did that.) I said, “I’m from Illinois. What would I put, Abe Lincoln’s head?” Anita said I should put a log cabin. She meant an appliqued, actual log cabin house because she does not piece. Her comment sparked the idea of a log cabin background. As soon as I got home, I started playing around with the graph paper. I attempted to echo the star idea with the placement of the light and dark of the log cabins. I think it would be more visible had I done the center blocks with all dark logs instead of the pinwheel. Hindsight is 20/20.

The logs are .5″ finished width. The applique is fused with hand buttonhole stitch. I don’t recommend doing this. I had trouble with the fusible sticking to the background over all the seams. Of course, it could be that some of the fusible was too old. I used whatever I had – Heat and Bond, Steam a Seam II, and who knows what else. Some of it was picked up at the guild freebie table so was of unknown vintage and brand.

I was too lazy to figure out all the log lengths so didn’t cut the logs to size. I just took a strip, sewed it on and cut it off at the end. DON’T DO THAT! You end up with bowed logs that make a not-square block. I wish it showed more in one of the pictures so you could see how bad it is to do that. I decided to consider it a design decision – just as the logs in a log cabin aren’t straight, neither are the logs in my log cabin blocks. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Maria O’Haver did the quilting. Thank heavens she takes whatever we throw at her in stride. I’m sure a lot of long-arm quilters would have refused to quilt this one because of all the layered fused applique and log cabin seams and the embellishment that I had to add before the quilting was done. Maria just shrugs and gets on with what needs to be done.

Last week the quilt was displayed in the Faithful Circle Quilters guild show. Our show hasn’t been judged since 1998 or 2000. We do have Viewer’s Choice awards. This quilt won Viewer’s Choice for medium size quilts. Quite unexpected and exciting. It never even crossed my mind that this quilt might be that popular because there are so many talented quilters in our guild. There is stiff competition in all categories.

FCQ 2016 Show 191

Margo Cramer has been making the Viewer’s Choice awards for many years. If I remember correctly, they are different every show and each is one-of-a-kind. The pansy is hand applique. Margo does stunning, museum quality applique. She matched the color of the pansy to the color of the details card for the category. Medium size was pink.

QHOF 123

My January. I switched the December and January blocks in the pattern because I thought they made more sense this way.

QHOF 124

February. I couldn’t resist using the 2 heart prints for the hearts.

QHOF 125

March. I fussy cut the fabric that says “Happy St. Patirck’s Day”.

QHOF 126

April showers bring May flowers

QHOF 127

May flowers with the Maypole

QHOF 128


QHOF 129


QHOF 130


QHOF 131

September. Many apples for the teachers.

QHOF 132

October. I don’t remember who came up with the idea of ruching the flowers on this block. The cat is made from a Mr. B’s Cats print from Benartex. I wish they’d do this print again in more colors.

QHOF 134

My December. Beth Rice gave me the ultra suede for the moose. I borrowed the idea of the light string around the antlers from Marylou McDonald. I had to put them on before it was quilted because they go under the applique but Maria was able to work around them. I found the little heart button for the nose at a shop in Lancaster, PA during the 2014 Row by Row Experience.

QHOF 135

The center wreath contains elements from the surrounding 12 blocks. I have a patriotic fabric with bears on it so I cut one out and added it to the wreath because it was so cute. Detail shots of the wreath are shown below.

Anita’s log cabin made it onto the label. The backing is a Jinny Beyer Y2K print.


Mimi made labels for us to document our quilts hanging at the Quilters’ Hall of Fame celebration. I still need to sew this onto the quilt. It is in a safe place and I actually remember where it is! Oops, I just noticed that Mimi made a typo. I wonder if she knows? I’m sure not going to tell her. The pretty border is on the card that came with the label – the label has plain edges.





2 Responses to “2001: A Calendar Odyssey”

  1. Faithful Circle Quilters 2016 Show: Quilting with Friends | Stash Overflow Says:

    […] Barbara's Quilting (Mis)Adventures « 2001: A Calendar Odyssey […]

  2. Linda schiffer Says:

    Major congrats on the Viewers Choice award!!

    🙂 Linda

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