Row by Row: Maryland and Delaware

Before I proceed to the next Row by Row travelogue, I want to recommend this product for the back of plastic templates (home made or commercial) and rotary rulers to reduce slipping.


Nexcare flexible clear tape, available at drug stores in the bandage section. I think I got mine at Walgreens.

Patty and I took another row by row trip this week. This time we headed up I-95 north, over the top of the Chesapeake Bay, down through Delaware, then across the Bay Bridge toward home.

Our first stop was Glory Bee’s Sewing Center in Fallston, MD. This store opened a few years ago but we’ve never been there until now. It’s a good size store with plenty to choose from.


Glory Bee’s 2016 row. The multi-colored letters are cut from the Row by Row house print.


Nothing special in the kit so I got the free pattern and the license plate.

From there we headed further up I-95 to Aberdeen, MD to Hoppin Bobbin, another store we’d never been to before. I really like the feel of this store. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, except for the quilt block mural, but the inside is divided into rooms with a very homey feel.


We actually passed it up and had to turn around in the parking lot next door. What you don’t see on the left is the building that juts out and hides the shop from that direction.


Above is the batik room. Wouldn’t you like to sit down and browse through the magazines on the table? If you look to the right, just behind the bookcase with the blue and white quilt, you can see the edge of a dog dish. You are likely to be enthusiastically greeted by this little charmer, Tootsie.


I had trouble getting a good shot of her because the flash from my first attempt scared her. Apparently, she is quite a wimp, afraid of everything except people.


We weren’t quite sure how a snowman related to the Row by Row theme. They must like snowmen because last year’s row also had snowmen, according to Patty.


Again, I got only the free pattern.

All of the shops in Delaware were new to us. The next stop was Blue Hen Quilt Shop in a Newark, DE strip mall. This shop is very new and quite small, owned by Erin Underwood, who used to be a Baltimore area long-arm quilter. Erin is also a pattern designer. I liked this idea for an ironing table. It’s hard to see the big board on top of the dresser against the white wall behind it. If I had space for a non-moveable ironing station, I’d do this.


Her row on the left. On the right is the display showing what all is in the kit.

I picked up the kit and the license plate. Way more buttons than you need in the kit.

This display in the bathroom an interesting take on the clothesline bowl technique. Just make circles of varying sizes and hang them on the wall.


Lil’ Country Shoppe in Wilmington, DE is out in the country in what looks like a farm house. My GPS didn’t quite have the correct location and wanted us to continue for another half a mile or so. We spotted it as we passed so had to find a place to turn around. It’s not a huge shop but had a nice selection, including a fairly large wool applique section. The picture of their row display is blurry. I forgot to check to make sure I got a good picture.



I got the pattern, license plate and found some food fabrics I couldn’t resist. As if I needed any more – I have a large overflowing bin of food fabrics. I’m afraid to think about how many quilts can be made from that bin. I’ve already used about 40 fat quarters worth for a quilt and the fabrics still won’t all fit in the bin.

We planned to go to two shops in Dover, DE but Shady Lane Selections is closed on Thursdays. I didn’t know that when I suggested to Patty the week before that we go on Wednesday instead. She didn’t want to change the day so I didn’t bring it up again after I found out they would be closed. Then, on the day, she says, “We could have gone yesterday.”Sigh. I really wanted their row because it reminds me of growing up near Illinois Amish country.

We headed on to the Delaware Sewing Center in Dover, DE. This is in a very old looking strip mall. Tired is the only word that comes to mind. The store is quite large, an old-fashioned all encompassing sewing store like the ones we used to have everywhere when I was growing up, rather than the specialty quilt shops we’re accustomed to these days.



I got the kits for this year’s row (on the left) and last year’s row (on the right) as well as this year’s license plate.

Now we had a dilemma. It was about 2:40 or so and the last shop on the list, Village Quilting in Rock Hall, MD was an hour and 10 minutes away. Could we get there before they closed at 4 pm? It was going to be very close. We started out with that intention but with heavy traffic and several miles of stoplights, it became clear that we probably weren’t going to make it. We considered calling and asking if they’d stay open for us but we’re both too shy to do that. We implemented plan B which was to stop at Peggy’s Sewing Center in Centreville, MD where we went for the first time last year. It’s a nice store that our guild members visit while going to retreat but Peggy’s wasn’t on our row by row list this year because their row is not very interesting.


Do you think they’ll sell the 200 kits they made? I didn’t even ask for the pattern. Stopping here did give us the necessary break before heading home.

It was early enough as we approached the Bay Bridge that we decided to stop in Annapolis at Cottonseed Glory. I only go to this shop when I’m in Annapolis for another reason. I don’t care for it for reasons I won’t bore you with here. It’s small but has a lot packed into it. We were happy to see that Robbyn Robinson was working that day. Robbyn used to work with Patty at Seminole Sampler, my home away from home. When it closed, Robbyn began working part time at Cottonseed Glory. I think we were the only customers in the shop so we closed them down. We had a nice visit but Robbyn must have been tired because she didn’t even try to talk me into buying fabric I didn’t need.



I got the pattern and license plate.

At this point it was shortly after 5 pm. I told Patty I thought Tomorrow’s Treasures in Crofton might be open late and did she want to go there on the way home. She did so I checked and discovered that yes, they’re open until 7 pm on Thursdays. I don’t care for this store but I don’t know why. It’s another one that I only go to when I’m in the area for other reasons.



I got the kit and the license plate.

I’m happy to say that after this stop we went home. I dropped Patty off, picked up some dinner and crashed.




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