Ultimate Sampler Quilt: The 365 Challenge

Are you all familiar with this quilt-along that started on Jan 1? This is her Electric Quilt mock-up.

365 Quilt

One block each day is posted to the website and the Facebook page. You can sign up for the email list at the website – that gets you an email every day with the link to the block for that day. She’s going to repeat this in 2017 so you can still join in. It’s free! Don’t start in with the current blocks unless you’re comfortable making small, complicated blocks. This is a skill builder project. The dark band blocks are 3″ finished and the light band blocks are 6″ finished. Center medallion and corners are larger blocks.

I’ve been collecting the blocks since January 1 but hadn’t started making any because I couldn’t settle on a color scheme. First I was going to do it in blues and browns like the example above. Then I was going to do all neutrals. Then orange and brown. I cycled through several other choices. You don’t really need a color scheme because value is what’s important but I wanted a limited color scheme. Finally this weekend I settled on pink and purple with some other colors brought in as accents. Here are the blocks for January 1 through January 15. I seem to either do two fabric quilts or use as many fabrics as possible. This one is the latter, of course. I’m sure I’ll have to repeat fabrics at some point but I’ll be working hard to put that day off as long as possible.

Something that occurred to me today is that when cutting very small pieces, beautiful fabrics lose some of the pretty and unattractive fabrics lose the ugly. Some of my blocks are more appealing than others but it takes the ugly ducklings to make the beauties shine.


This is a real skill building project. It starts with the easiest blocks and progresses to more complicated blocks. While my predominant colors will be purple and pink, value is the leading player in this project. You can throw any colors in as long as the blocks read dark or light. Selecting fabrics for these small blocks can be quite challenging. For example, choosing four fabrics that contrast with each other but still read as a dark block is harder than one might think. I think some of my value differences in the blocks above might be a little too subtle. I’m struggling with deciding how light is too light to fit into the dark blocks. I expect to have the opposite problem when I catch up to the light blocks – how dark can a fabric be to work in the light blocks? It may be that mediums have to sit this one out which is hard because most of us tend to buy more mediums than deep darks and light lights.



3 Responses to “Ultimate Sampler Quilt: The 365 Challenge”

  1. Judy K. Hansen Says:

    I am making this quilt too, and am loving the challenge. I posted today about one of the blocks in my journey. Good luck with yours!

    • Barbara Says:

      Thanks. I love your pink and brown color scheme. It will be fun to see all the finished versions. Barbara Bennett, Columbia, MD

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  2. Linda Schiffer Says:

    Ooh, I do like your colors! 🙂 I keep waffling between using blues & browns and using Daiwabo style Japanese neutrals. Maybe someday I will actually get started.


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