Row by Row: Culpeper, VA

Last Thursday, Patty and I headed down to Virginia for another Row by Row adventure. This was the first trip I planned. Suzzie’s Quilt Shop in Manassas, Va was our first stop. We’ve been to quilt shows in Manassas but never stopped at the quilt shops. There is another quilt shop in town but it is not participating in Row by Row.



A kit for me and one to trade. I got the last fabric plate from last year.

Suzzie’s is the place to go for batiks. I think it’s probably the most I’ve seen in a store that wasn’t exclusively batiks. The shelves for non-batik fabrics were so close together that it was difficult to see them. Although, they didn’t tell us this here, another store later in the day said Suzzie’s is moving to a larger location this month. You’d think they’d have told us that.

The clerks were complaining about having to provide a copy of the row by row pattern with each kit. They felt that only the people who came into the store should get a pattern and only one pattern per person. They didn’t approve of the Facebook swap groups where people get kits for others.

From there we headed to Daffodil Quilts and Fibers in Nokesville, VA, a new to us shop. She had two rows and I loved both of them.




I got both kits and the plate. Two friends also wanted the plate so I picked it up for them as well. Good thing I told Patty who wanted what because I completely forgot about the plate until Patty reminded me – after I checked out.

Patty was a winner at one of our local stores. She shows her quilt at every shop we go to. The owner at this shop got all excited thinking she had a winner. She was so disappointed when Patty told her she’d already won somewhere else. You might still have a chance to win. I expect to visit this shop in the future.

On to Culpeper, VA to That Little Quilt Shop, another new to us shop. Little being the operative word. One side of the store is art stuff and the other half is quilting. Linda might have liked the art side of the store. There was a sign on the counter saying “Store for sale”. I don’t think this store is long for this world. Even if it is, there’s no reason for me to go back.



I started wearing an eye mask at night two years ago when I was helping my brother during and after his surgery. Too many LED’s and other light in the hotel room. I picked up this UK kit for an eye mask using Libery of London lawn fabric.

Culpeper is a nice destination town with cute shops and restaurants. I’d like to go back and wander around the other shops. I did stop at the French chocolatier shop while Patty went to a bakery.

We had lunch at It’s About Thyme in Culpeper. Quite a nice experience. Murals on the walls. I had the Salad Nicoise with grilled tuna steak. I forget what Patty had. I rarely think to take pictures of food.

An old familiar, Kelly Ann’s in Warrenton, VA was next.



The kit was the only thing I bought.

Oh Sew Persnickety Fabrics and Threads was another new to us store. Also a fairly new store, strictly “modern”. The owner said she was told she wouldn’t survive unless she carried civil war repros but, so far, things seem to be going well. It is a beautiful, fresh store. A very welcoming feel. I’m not a big fan of modern but I can see going here again. Linda will love this place.



They had run out of background so I got to choose one for the kit. They had just gotten more of the original background in but I liked what I picked better.

Our next stop was Finch Knitting and Sewing in Leesburg, VA. If you’re desperate for a place to win, try here. You won’t find them on the Row by Row list. I gather that they signed up, then they didn’t finish their row, then did but were removed from the list. The owner seemed a little lackadaisical about getting back on the list. This is probably a nice shop to visit if you’re into yarn. For quilters, not so much. They have a few bolts of fabric but not much.

I liked this display of lace in hoops on the stairway wall.



Their row is very modern. I think the block on the left is a bird’s nest. For the rest, you’re on your own.


I did find this cat print. Who doesn’t like blue and white? And cats?

The rain started as we headed back to the car. Our next stop was another new to us store, Sew Magarbo in Ashburn, VA. Magarbo is a Filipino word meaning graceful or elegant. This is another place you might be able to win if you’re desperate. I’m not sure they have enough fabric to make up a prize of 25 fat quarters. Frankly, I don’t know how this store has been in business for 6 years, 3 at the current location. There primary business is to sell Janome sewing machines. There was some kind of kiddie camp going on in the back room. The young woman working in the store had no idea that someone could bring in a row by row quilt and expect a prize. We told her she better talk to the owner and get up to speed ASAP. There’s really no reason to go to this store as far as I can tell.



I bought the kit because there was nothing else interesting. I figure this can be a silent auction item for my guild’s quilt show or the kit can be donated for the raffle baskets.

From there it was a l-o-n-g trip home in the rainy, DC rush hour. Some very violent storms passed through the area during rush. It was lots of fun. Not! It was a great day until the rain started.




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