Row by Row: Central Maryland

There were some nearby stores we hadn’t visited yet so off we went.

Our first stop was new to us, Charlotte’s Cottage Quilt Shop in Walkersville, MD, near Frederick. This was a very small shop but I liked it a lot. She carries primarily reproduction fabrics.



I got the kit for the row, mostly because of the bee buttons, last year’s fabric plate and 2 colorways of a patriotic border print. I have ideas about how I might use the border prints.

On to Westminster where there are two shops. Blue House Fabrics is a fairly new shop that specializes in all things modern. It’s in a – wait for it – blue house a mile or two from downtown.



I got the pattern, a copy of Modern Quilts Illustrated, a book on English paper piecing and a Missouri Star Quilt Company template that, as it turns out, I already own. Oh, well, it can be a donation to the guild’s raffle baskets at our next quilt show.

Jomax Sew and Vac is not so much quilting as it is sewing machines and vacuum cleaners.


I think the difference in the two versions of the row is that one uses an embroidery machine for some of the pieces.


This vignette displaying some row by row elements is quite clever.


Look at the detail on the bird and bike, all the cute things in the basket.


I got the fabric plate and row kit with some die-cut pieces that were sold separately.


The owner designed this quilt a couple of years ago to display her collection of fabric plates. She’s been adding them to the borders each year. I neglected to ask if she had a pattern for it.

Our last stop for the day was to another shop that was new to us, Woolstock Knit and Sew in Glyndon, MD. This is primarily a knitting and sewing store with a small selection of quilting fabric. The people were very friendly and helpful. They had a wonderful selection of interesting buttons. Linda – you would like this store.



The main reason for stopping here was to get the fabric plate. I got the kit because of the Old Bay.

I think that’s the end of Patty and Barbara’s Row by Row adventures for 2016.



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