In My Garden

In May 1996 or 1997 I went with Linda to pick up her BOM kit from The Quilt Block (no longer exists) in Dayton, MD. I liked it and signed up. Around 1999 or so, after Linda bought Seminole Sampler (closed in 2013) in Catonsville, MD, she suggested we should get together at the store on a regular basis and sew together. I said we should work on our BOM quilts. That’s how we started getting together every Thursday evening after I got off work.

After a while we stopped working on this quilt. Linda couldn’t find half her kits. I was at a point where I needed to do some hand applique work at home. Other newer, shinier projects beckoned.

I finally finished the top toward the end of 2014. It came back from the quilter in the summer of 2015. Although I picked the quilting design for the sashing and flying geese, I gave Maria carte blanche for the quilting in the blocks. I chose wool batting so the quilting has a nice texture. I couldn’t work up any enthusiasm for doing binding in the middle of the summer. I took this with me to work on over Christmas but didn’t get the binding finished until early January.

Update 10/10: Somehow the picture of the entire quilt disappeared between blog writing and publishing. Here it is hanging in my guild’s show in the spring of 2016:

FCQ 2016 Show 018

The applique is stitched by hand. I think it was all done using techniques I learned from Rose Hahn with freezer paper on the bottom of the applique pieces. Motifs were assembled off the block where possible then stitched onto the background as a single piece.

I was annoyed when I didn’t have enough fabric in the border kit to do the 8 square-in-a-square blocks. I was also puzzled about why I didn’t have the foundations for them because I was sure I had prepared everything I needed. The problem was that my stash, big as it is, doesn’t run to fabrics that were totally compatible with the style used in the kits for this project. I did the best I could but a practiced eye can pick out the interlopers.

While working on the binding, I excavated a pile and found these blocks:


I couldn’t figure out why I made them. I recognized the fabrics but what the heck were they for? I finally realized they were for In My Garden. After I made them I took them upstairs to remove the paper (they were paper pieced) while watching TV. When I went downstairs to the kitchen I put them down to take downstairs to the basement sewing room. Unfortunately, they got buried and forgotten. No wonder I didn’t have enough fabric in the kit and no foundations! I’d already made the blocks. Sigh.

Detail shots of the blocks:



This quilt has been on my bed for the past month or so and I love it. It’s a little skimpy for a queen size bed but it’s OK with me.

I think this post has been languishing in the drafts folder because I neglected to take a picture of the back. I did find this picture of the backing fabric. The fabric is a directional print. The 5-yard piece wasn’t quite long enough but the two widths were a lot wider than I needed so I was able to cut a strip off one side and cut it into pieces to make a cross-piece at the bottom.



This was displayed in my guild show in April 2016.































































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