Sourdough Stars finished

As I indicated in the last a previous post, I’m obsessive and have to do the second seam to get the bonus triangle squares when doing flippy corners. I had a massive amount of pink/neutral and brown/neutral triangle squares from making Bonnie Hunter’s 2014 mystery, Grand Illusion. I previously wrote about these as tops. I’ve started thinking of them as Pinky and Blue Boy.


When I showed the tops at guild last November, I said “It’s too bad I don’t know anyone having boy and girl twins.” A few weeks later I got a Christmas card from my friend, the mother of the bride I made the wedding quilt for last summer, saying that Rachel was pregnant with boy and girl twins. OK, then, the Sourdough Star quilts have a designated home.


I took the tops with me when I went to Illinois for Christmas to show my friend. The two of us headed off to JoAnn’s to choose some fleece for the backs. Normally I don’t buy fabric at JoAnn’s anymore (and I wouldn’t let my friend buy the wedding quilt fabric there) but for the back of a kid’s quilt it’s OK. Where else are you going to find a large variety of fleece to choose from? Besides it’s the only fabric store in their town. Oh, I guess the super Walmart has fabric. Never even thought of looking there.

Pinky’s back:


Blue Boy’s back:


I used Dream Angel batting which is made from fire-retardant fiber. Not sure what good that does with a cotton front and poly back but what the heck.

I intended to do the quilting myself – simple straight lines on the diagonals. Early this year my 27 year old Bernina broke. Then after I got it back I apparently messed it up by doing some applique with invisible thread. It just wasn’t making evenly tensioned stitches. That’s when I bought the new Janome. Getting used to the new machine was not as easy as I expected. Deciding I didn’t need the stress of these two quilts hanging over my head, I headed off to my long-armer and left them with her. Turned out she was quilting them while I was in Illinois in August. I may even have been meeting the twins while she was working on the quilts.

We had a few days of cooler weather recently to break our long standing heat wave so I got the binding done. They will be presented when I go back to Illinois in December.


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One Response to “Sourdough Stars finished”

  1. linda schiffer Says:

    Oh, how wonderful! Your two ‘free’ quilts turned out really nice. 🙂 I’m sure Becky’s grandchildren will love them.

    🙂 Linda

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