Mimi’s Grad School 2016 BOM: January

I intended to write up a post every month but, as you can see, I’m a little behind.

Every year we pick a project to work on for that year. Sometimes Mimi makes an executive decision and some years we vote on suggestions from members. For 2016 Mimi laid down the law and told us we were doing Backyard Birds from Piece ‘O Cake Designs. She had us divide up into 12 teams. Each team chose or was assigned a block to present. The team was to provide realistic looking fabric kits for the bird in their block. Each member chose the background fabric and fabric for the non-bird elements in the blocks. Teams were allowed to change the bird for their month but had to provide a pattern for the changed bird.

Mimi and Nechama kicked off the year in January with, what else, the Baltimore Oriole. So, we started the year with block 2 and will end it with block 1. That’s just the way we roll.


I couldn’t get a good picture of them because they were moving around too much. Here are their Orioles:


I was going to use the Eleanor Burns method of interfaced applique but quickly discovered the pieces are too small. Take a look at the size of these stems. No way that’s going to get turned inside out.


It did work OK for the Oriole. Here are the back sides of the bird parts after they were turned.


For the rest of the pieces for that block and continuing I went back to the tried and true Rose Hahn method. Rose was a local teacher I took some classes from. In the beginning she used freezer paper on the back and had us turn the seam allowance to the back and glue it down, but only the part that was on top of another piece. Underneath seam allowances are left alone so the over piece has something to stick to. Rose was a proponent of the “prepare the motif off the block, then sew it down as one piece” method of applique. Later she changed to use a cotton fiber product called Stable Magic instead of freezer paper. Ricky Tims has a similar polyester product called Stable Stuff.

I’m using invisible thread to top-stitch the applique. This isn’t the bird quilt I wanted to make so I just want to git ‘er done and this is the easiest way for me to do it without fusing.

In February everyone who made a block put them on the wall. Thanks to Nechama who took the pictures for me. I’d temporarily misplaced my phone. Discovered it later in the back seat floor of the car where it had fallen out of my bag.

Mine’s in there somewhere but he’s blind and crippled (no feet). Kathy is doing a tree and adding things to it each month. I’ll have some details shots of some of her additions in later posts. Lynn did a tiny one as a Christmas ornament. Genie is making the blocks plus a tree with realistic birds and also trying to make birds with more whimsical fabrics which she says is very difficult for her.


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