Allietare ready for quilter

I met my goal to get Allietare ready for the quilter before this year’s mystery started but I didn’t get it to the quilter due to this darned respiratory bug.


Amy and Sandie holding my top. I find hanging over that railing a bit scary.

As you can see, I didn’t use Bonnie’s colors last year. I also changed the inner border color and size because I think the “red” ties the triangles together. I probably could have made the inner border a bit wider but what’s done is done. I absolutely love it.

Normally for the back of the mystery quilts, I take a block from the front and blow it up to make a one block quilt with borders for the back. Allietare is a rectangle so I had two choices: make a square block with larger borders on top and bottom or draft the block as a rectangular block and make all the borders the same. The night I worked on the design for the back I had a headache and math just wasn’t working. I needed a new plan.

I looked through Bonnie’s blogs for the mystery and noticed all the photos of the striped buildings. So, I made stripes of all the colors from the front to make the back.


The floral fabric in the next to the bottom stripe was the inspiration for the colors I chose for the quilt. I showed a close up of that fabric in this post.

Before I take it to the quilter, I need to write the label info on the bottom neutral stripe. That will save having to make a label later.




One Response to “Allietare ready for quilter”

  1. Ariane Says:

    Wow! I love the colours you chose! Your quilt top looks amazing!! And the back you pieced is perfect for it!! Congrats on a beautiful quilt!

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