En Provence: Clue 3, First Attempt

This week we are working with purple. A few days ago The Patchery Menagerie had an instructive post on the various flavors of purple.

Well, crap! I just read a blog that made me realize everything I did the last two days on Clue 3 has to be scrapped and I have to start over. I can’t even blame it on Linda since she wasn’t here (we tend to make more mistakes when we sew together). Here are the pictures of what I spent wasted the last two days doing:

I still needed 51 more after the above and finished enough twosies for half that amount before I stopped and came upstairs for the evening. Do you see the problem?

What did I do wrong? I neglected to read the instructions closely enough. I absorbed the word purple. What I didn’t absorb was light and dark purple. Somehow I thought Bonnie was calling the light purples lavender so purple to me meant the dark purples only. And, clue 1 was neutral only 4-patches so I was in the one-fabric mindset. I’m annoyed with myself because I used up several of my purples in the above mess which means I won’t have as much variety as I like when I do them correctly. I could take them apart and cut squares of the other color instead of strips but that seems like a waste of time. Maybe I’ll rip apart the twosies that I left waiting to grow up to be 4-patches because there’s no point in continuing with them. Darn! Darn! Darn! Darn! Darn! Very discouraging.

See what people who read the directions more carefully did at the link-up.



11 Responses to “En Provence: Clue 3, First Attempt”

  1. Nancy Bekedam Says:

    I don’t know, Bonnie’s light and dark purples seem pretty close in color range to me. You might be able to use these. They do have definite dark and light corners to them.

  2. Barbara Sindlinger Says:

    Sorry about your little mistake. Sometimes we are so excited we forget to read every word. 😉 I hope you’ll be able to find something to use the all dark purple 4-patches.

  3. skippingstitches Says:

    I agree with Nancy, a careful sort through of what you have and some ripping into twosies and you will be able to use these along with strips cut from lavender. Or wait to see where they are used, you may be very happy with them, they are gorgeous colours.
    Thanks for the link to Lynne’s post, ‘purple’ is challenging and perhaps we need to tighten up on our language use.

  4. Laura McDonald Says:

    I think your 4 patches are lovely–rich,deep shades of purple. And you have a grand assortment of scrappiness.Maybe see how the quilt is revealed and you’ll find you like them 🙂

  5. stitchinggrandma Says:

    I think your 4 patches look great. Why not set them aside for now and let them “simmer a bit”? Get in your scrap bin, and see what you can pull out to play with in terms of “light purple/dark purple”. You may find as the mystery progresses that these units you have completed WILL work. Don’t stress. This is SUPPOSED to be fun…..keep repeating……

  6. TrulyBlessed Says:

    “When the deep purple falls over sleepy garden walls and the stars begin to flicker in the sky” You did Not waste your time. Your 4 patches are perfectly purple and beautifully sewn. They are so rich … These will find a place in this quilt. Maybe they will be the perfect addition to the border or maybe they will be the “stars” sprinkled throughout your lovely mystery quilt.

  7. Koojiebear Says:

    I think your purples are lovely. They may be dark but there are a lot lighter shaded ones to contrast in any case. Don’t do anything drastic yet – it might be a happy mistake.

  8. Janet Batho Says:

    I agree with all the comments above. Wait a while before you unpick. I’ll bet it will work out great in the end! Janet in London (englishquilter)

  9. linda schiffer Says:

    Oh, Barbara, I’m so sorry! I guess I think of ‘4Patches’ as generically light and dark … it would not have occurred to me to do what you did (and if I chose not to, probably I would be wrong in that context).

    😦 Linda

  10. Glenda Freeman Says:

    I did the exact same thing! I glanced at the blog early Friday morning and like you read purple 4 patches. Oh well, I LOVE purple and will find a place for them. Maybe one of the next clues has us using purple chains of 2″ squares. LOL. In any case they can always make a beautiful row in the backing!

  11. Rebecca Says:

    That time wasn’t wasted! It just wasn’t spend working on the project you thought you were working on.

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