Mimi’s Grad School: December

Grad school met the first Monday in December with our usual potluck lunch. This year we decided to go ahead and meet at the regular time to have a meeting before lunch.


We came in to find a colorful bucket at each seat. Some of us swapped buckets to get a color we liked better. I ended up with yellow, although I kept eyeing the orange.


Why a bucket? Because next year the project is Bucket list album quilt.


That’s all I’m going to say about that until next year.

We showed off our Mama Bird blocks.

Nechama is making her blocks smaller, half-size maybe.


Several members are doing trees. Sue showed hers this month.


Every month Kathy adds something new to her tree.


She’s got a hummingbird at the feeder with a squirrel below; a kite stuck in the tree; the fire department rescuing a cat; a monkey that must have escaped from the zoo; the robin is building a nest; a deer is peeking out from behind the tree; a birdbath; a bear cub.

Our last bird for this BOM is the cardinal. The presenters showed their blocks.




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