En Provence: Clue 4

En Provence mystery clue 4 is more triangle in square units. I am using the Accuquilt die and calculated that an 8.5″ x 4.5″ piece would give me three sets of side triangles. Unfortunately, I forgot about needing sets of opposites.


The above picture shows how I came up with the 8.5″ to cut 6 pieces. Unfortunately, while that does give 6 pieces, it doesn’t equal 3 sets. Sigh. One might think that folding the fabric in half and repositioning it would give the desired result. It doesn’t.


It’s hard to see but the paper used in the example above doesn’t extend beyond the triangle piece on the right. Duh! Because it is a half rectangle, it has to be the size to cover both pieces. In other words, in order to get 3 sets from the die, one must cut 4 sets. Lesson learned.

Linda left her scraps at my house on Friday afternoon. I was able to get these purple triangles from those scraps.


Linda, this layout might be interesting for that little project you were talking about doing with the pieces you cut with the colors backwards.

Uh, oh! What happened here?

The first triangle seemed to go on normally but when I got to the second one, it was clear something was wrong. I just thought that somehow it was cut too big, although that didn’t make sense. I didn’t understand what was wrong until I turned the piece over. When I did that I could see that the bias was on the bottom which means I sewed the triangles to the wrong sides.


All better now. All the needed units are complete.

See what everyone else is up to at the mystery link-up.



4 Responses to “En Provence: Clue 4”

  1. Janet Batho Says:

    Well maybe the wonky units will make a more interesting design! Can’t bring myself to use a die cutter – too much waste! Butlove your snazzy prints!

  2. linda schiffer Says:

    Huh … that shape kind of reminds me of a shuriken. Might be fun to make a little quilt of that. Will keep it in mind. 🙂


  3. The Joyful Quilter Says:

    LOVE your pale blue background!! I had trouble with my first triangle units, too. Hoping that a new day will bring better piecing. Enjoy!!

  4. Nancy Bekedam Says:

    It’s a learning experience. We’ve all been there and done that. Love your spinning triangle/square blocks!

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