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Clearing the deck

January 5, 2017

I had a bunch of blocks made in late 2016 that haven’t been documented here so here they are. I can’t think of anything clever to say about them.


More spool blocks


Another set of Wild and Goosey blocks

A bunch of Dutch 9-patch. Or double 9-patch if you prefer.


More bonus triangle blocks. I wonder where I put the rest of them?

More Ts for Two blocks. The background in these is a strong yellow color. Don’t know why it’s showing up so pale this time.

Applique blocks three and four of Home Sweet Home. Block three is backwards from the pattern but so be it, not doing it over.

Every year when I go back to Illinois for Christmas I say I’m going to take a picture of the castle at Eastern Illinois University when it’s lit up for Christmas. This year I did.


I don’t remember it being blue before. It seems like there are fewer lights than I remember (could be a faulty memory). That may be due to the state’s budget impass. They’re in year two without a budget. It’s really taking a toll on the state universities. Lots of employees have been laid off. A friend told me that neighboring states are waiving out of state tuition in order to attract Illinois students.

While I was in Illinois I delivered Sourdough Stars.


As might be expected, they put them down with the back side up. Can’t blame them, the backs are warm, soft fleece.

I pinned the pieces on this block, expecting to sew them down.



Well, shoot. See that dark spot in the upper right? That’s a hole, folks. There was a piece of some sort of plastic woven into the threads. When I pulled it out, it left a hole. I considered sewing it as is and finding something like a butterfly to add later as a cover-up but thought better of that. Fortunately, the background piece was bigger than required. I took off all the pieces and moved everything over so the hole is underneath a piece. Instead of sewing this block I moved on to the next because I want to verify that the block will still be symmetrical when it is trimmed down, now that the pieces aren’t centered on the background. I didn’t take any measuring devices with me so that needed to wait until I got home.