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On Ringo Lake Begins

November 27, 2017

I started doing Bonnie Hunter’s mysteries in 2012. You can see what I wrote:

2012 Easy Street

2013 Celtic Solstice

2014 Grand Illusion

2015 Allietare (at the quilter)

2016 En Provence (hasn’t progressed since last post)

I used my own color scheme for Allietare and loved it. I intended to use a different color scheme from Bonnie’s this year but look what I bought for my bathroom in September. The color scheme wasn’t revealed until the end of October.


The cabinets are dark brown. How could I not use this year’s mystery color scheme? If you’ve been following along, you know I bought a bunch of coral and aqua fabric on our recent shop hop. A more thinking person might have checked her stash first before adding more fabric to an already significant collection. My memory from the last time I used these colors was that I didn’t have a lot. In the old house, my fabric wasn’t all together. Here in the new house it is. Plus I acquired a few pieces from a deceased friend. I probably had enough to do the quilt but it wouldn’t have satisfied my scrappiness quotient needs.

Here’s what I ended up with. The brown and neutral all came from my existing collection.


Normally, I’d cut squares for the nine patches to get to scrappy maximum, but this time I decided to do it Bonnie’s way. I calculated how many strips I needed for the size I decided to cut, but screwed up the arithmetic. I cut the desired number of strips of brown and neutral but realized part way through that the length strip I was cutting would produce twice the number of segments I wanted. Oh, well. When it came to cutting the aqua strips I couldn’t get the math right. I forgot that Bonnie’s way was to match strip sets before cutting segments. I forgot to do that.  Not a problem, that gets me closer to scrappy max. So, I started making 9-patches until I used up the strips I had cut, then cut more, sewed some, cut some, etc. until I finally got the fifty 9-patches.


Bowl full of 9-patches ready to press


9-patches all finished

I thought you might want to see the bowl. It is a batik wood bowl. Did you know such a thing even existed? I bought it and a tray at a quilt show some years ago, I think from Batik Tambal. I don’t think they carry the bowls any longer.


I haven’t sewed much at all this year so I’m hoping the mystery gets me back into the saddle. See what others are doing at the link-up.

2017 Quilters’ Quest: Webfabrics Bonus stop

November 20, 2017

One of our favorite greater DC area Virginia shops is not part of Quilters’ Quest. But, we always try to make time to stop when we’re relatively close. That shop is Webfabrics in Purcellville, Virginia. If you’ve been to the Houston quilt show in recent years or some of our regional shows, you will be familiar with this shop. In fact, I saw what I think was a corner of their booth in Angela Walters’ Houston video for Craftsy’s Midnight Quilt Show.

Before Howard Carter broke into King Tut’s tomb, he looked through a small hole. When asked if he could see anything, he said “Yes, wonderful things.” That’s how I feel when I enter this shop. The shop has a large front room and a slightly smaller back room, full of all the latest fabrics. If you want it, they probably have it, except maybe for repros. I’m sorry that I don’t have any photos of the shop to share.


My mystery quilt haul. They will cut fat quarters from any fabric that isn’t a panel print.

Linda and I bought these panels from Paula Nadelstern’s most recent collection, Wonderlust.


She thought they were from an older collection but there was a misunderstanding. We had been texting earlier about the ornaments that start with Paula’s printed kaleidoscope designs. I knew the current collection would be easy to find since it just came out. I said we should look for some of the older ones, thinking that would give us more variety in color and design if we wanted to make multiple ornaments. Linda assumed that the ones I found here were older ones. Excuse me while I go search . . . Back now, Kismet was the only collection I could find. Wonder if I ever bought any of the mandala prints back when she first started printing them? Hmmm. Will have to keep any eye out when in the stash room.

We always try to time our visits to Webfabrics around meal time so we can eat at Magnolia’s at the Mill. If you show a receipt from Webfabrics, everyone at the table gets a discount. I didn’t take a picture of my dinner for you. I had seared Icelandic Black Code with butternut risotto, grilled marinated vegetables, roasted fennel buerre blanc. Delicious although the grilled veggies consisted of one slice of yellow squash and one slice of zucchini – more of a garnish than a serving of vegetables. We all finished with the Chocolate Story.


I highly recommend both Webfabrics and Magnolia’s at the Mill.

She Who Must Be Obeyed (my car’s GPS) always takes us home from here via the Dulles toll road to the Capital beltway. Not a good plan at the time of day we were travelling. Despite having done this several times, we’re still not familiar with how to get home avoiding the DC beltway. Next time I need to use Google Maps on my phone if I can’t get She to go a different route. Things were fine until we hit the ramp for the beltway. Traffic was completely backed up and stopped. Patty and Linda voted for not taking the ramp and letting the GPS calculate another way to go. In retrospect, that was probably a mistake. At some point we got off the highway and wandered around city streets until we ended up on the GW Parkway (I think). Then, we ended up at the beltway again. This time, we persisted and eventually got back to my house, taking way longer than it should have. Good thing I have enough bathrooms to accommodate everyone in the car.

Another successful quest in the books. We all did our part to stimulate the area economy.

2017 Quilters’ Quest: The Scrappy Apple

November 20, 2017

Our last stop on the quest was The Scrappy Apple in Winchester, Virginia. Their movie was Singing in the Rain. This is a very small shop on a busy street with on the street parking. We turned in our passports and received our quest shopping bags and discount card. Bonus for finishing at Scrappy Apple is you get the quest discount that same day! I don’t think any other shop does that.

In past years, you got a discount by showing your quest bag. So, you show your bag and your purchase is put inside. You get home and take the bag inside and then you don’t have it the next time you’re at one of the shops, so don’t get your discount. Sigh.

This year, they upped the discount to 15% and now we have a card we can keep in our wallets and get the discount every time. Yay! Definitely an improvement for me.


My purple and pink bag and it’s contents. Patty got a blue and green bag and Linda’s was orange and pink, I believe. Patty and I lucked out and got bags meant for the shop’s bus riders (two didn’t make it) so got a quilter’s fan (the red circle – it pops open). I think Linda missed out on the fan. You always get a pen at The Scrappy Apple.


My mystery quilt fat quarters. Notice the aqua apple print batik on the top right. Very appropriate for this shop.


An ingenious and attractive way to display the scavenger hunt magnets.

My quest magnets:


Ah, almost forgot. Here’s the card with the map of the quest stores. The red flags mark the location of the quest shops.


That should have been the end of our day. I realized the night before that we would finish mid-afternoon so I checked to see how far we were from one of our favorite places. Only 35-40 minutes away. Surprise stop added to itinerary.

2017 Quilter’s Quest: Traditions at the White Swan

November 20, 2017

We don’t get to Traditions in Hagerstown, Maryland often, because of the distance. Their movie choice was White Christmas.




Nicely decorated refreshment table.

I really like their quest quilt with the dark blue background. Quite a different look from the other quest quilts that used a white background. Remember, all the quilts were made with the same  6″ squares from all the shops.


The quest squares and a kit, because I need another kit like I need another hole in my head. In my defense, I love quilts make with that type of fabric but don’t seem to stash it. Wendy put my purchases in one of the shop’s shopping bags.



My mystery quilt fat quarters. The one in the middle on the bottom turned out to be too pink when put with the rest of the haul and stash pull.

Someone asked who made the quest quilt. Wendy said Dick did (I don’t think so). Then, went on to tell us about the barn quilt Dick made and told us to be sure to see it before we left. I didn’t know where there was a barn at the shop. Decided it must be behind the shop but when I went outside, I realized it was next door behind a house that I deduced was theirs.


Dick’s barn quilt. Very nice job, Dick.

On to the last shop in the quest.

2017 Quilters’ Quest: Bear’s Paw

November 20, 2017

Our second stop was Bear’s Paw Fabrics in Towson, Maryland. This is the only quilt shop I’ve been in that has a gazebo in the shop. Their movie was South Pacific and the shop was decorated to the hilt.

In the pictures, the bears look to be of similar size but the one on the left is very big and the one on the right is much smaller. Like Linda, I always thought of the big bear as a male but during quest, it’s a mama bear. I tried to get a picture of baby bear from the outside but there was too much reflection in the window so the side view will have to do.

The bathroom was gussied up.

The classroom was transformed.


I really like the fabric covering the overhead beams. I wish they’d keep that, changing it out periodically, of course.

Little guys like these were placed around the shop.

What is the south Pacific without palm trees?


I didn’t buy anything but the quest squares here because we were just here for grad school class and I did my buying that day when we get a discount.


Almost forgot the quest quilt:


Had lunch at Gino’s for a quick lunch, then headed to next stop.

2017 Quilters’ Quest: Cottonseed Glory

November 20, 2017

Originally, Linda, Patty and I had scheduled the second day of questing for Saturday, Nov 18th but Patty decided she’d rather go on Thursday, the 16th. I was happy to oblige. Linda has already posted about our day.

We started the day at Cottonseed Glory in Annapolis, Maryland. I just visited their web site to get the link and was shocked to see that they bill themselves as “We are Annapolis’ premier quilt shop, the largest shop in the Maryland/Delaware/Virginia area, featuring more than 6,000 bolts of beautiful 100% cotton fabric.” I’m sorry but that is patently untrue. I don’t know how many bolts they have, but the shop space is actually quite small compared to many other shops in this area.

The day before quest began, the owner surprised everyone by announcing that she had sold the shop an the ownership change was effective immediately. The other shop owners in the quest had no idea the shop was being sold.

Their movie was Star Wars. I didn’t see much any decoration around the shop. There was a Darth Vader cutout outside the shop. I was pleased to see that they had changed their scavenger hunt item to a Darth Vader clock. Our friend Robbyn, who used to work for Linda, greeted us:


Robbyn has one of the most evil laughs I’ve ever heard. She’s very good at talking people into buying fabric but didn’t work her wiles on us this visit. I left with just this:


On to the next shop.

2017 Quilters’ Quest: Patches

November 12, 2017

Checked the tire pressure again this morning before I went to Patches to man the 11-1:30 shift selling tickets for the Faithful Circle Quilters 2018 raffle quilt.


Things were pretty quiet in the shop until 12:30 or so. Patches isn’t usually open on Sunday. During Quest, all the shops have the same hours.

Patches’ movie was Blue Hawaii. Elvis greeted us at the door.


As did this comely manniquin:


Staff wore leis and flowers in their hair.


I forgot to take a picture of the quilt, Confetti. The postcard will have to suffice. This is another one that has no apparent relation to the movie.


My ticket selling companion and I were attracted by the periwinkle fabric. We both succumbed after we were relieved from our selling gig.


I picked up a yard of the quest fabric – picture postcards from Maryland and Virginia, along with iconic items representing the two states. The postcards are somewhat reminiscent of old movie posters to me. I just noticed the Chesapeake Bay in the background. Looks like the background is the map of the local area.

Of course, I found a few fat quarters for the mystery quilt. Did you think I wouldn’t?


Still having issues with the TPMS. If it keeps going on and off, I’ll have to take the car in to have it looked at. How tiresome.

2017 Quilters’ Quest: Capital Quilts

November 12, 2017

Before leaving Great Falls, I checked the tires again. All four tires registered proper inflation. The TPMS light still continued to shine. I ignored it.

Our last shop of the day was Capital Quilts in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Their movie was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. We saw this in the window as we approached the door.


Gene Wilder was there.


I’m told this is something from the movie. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it.


The store went with the candy/chocolate theme with various displays of candy-colored or chocolate fabric selections, treats patterns. One item that captured my attention was ribbon candy made from striped fabric. In case you aren’t familiar with ribbon candy, here’s what it looks like although it comes in a variety of colors:


I need to make some ribbon candy out of fabric. I’ll have to put stripes on my fabric-to-look-for list. When I was a kid, my mother had a lidded glass jar full of ribbon candy on the living room coffee table. We had strict instructions not to eat it. As far as I know no one ever ate it. It sat in that jar for years. Apparently, it’s only purpose was to be pretty.

Their quilt, Wilder, other than the name, doesn’t relate to the movie in my opinion.


It’s a very nice quilt but I think many of the stores could have done a better job relating their quilt designs to their selected movie theme. That’s what I was expecting anyway.

We piddled around here for a while so it would be dinner time when we left. I found some suitable mystery quilt fabric. Have I duplicated anything yet? I don’t think so but anyone want to bet that will continue for the next 5 shops?


Look! An aqua fabric with cats (fourth one from the left).


I also have an extensive collection of food fabrics so I picked up the pretzels which I know I don’t have and the chocolates in case I don’t have that print. Can’t have too many bonbons. The top is the postcard and quest squares. When I checked out, I had 12 fat quarters so had to go choose a 13th for free. I grabbed the purple Australian print from a nearby basket.

That concluded our first half of quest. We all did our bit to contribute to the local economy.

From there we headed to Red Lobster for dinner. We had a fabulous waiter in Sean. The food was good except for the green beans that Patty and I ordered. Patty thought they needed to be cooked longer and they had absolutely no seasoning whatsoever.  Linda and I ordered the whipped sweet potatoes with honey roasted pecans. We saved them for last as “dessert”. When we dug into our sweet potatoes, I found a good sized piece of rigid plastic in mine. We decided it was part of a bucket that commercial foods come in. It must have broken off the side, fallen into the contents and got scooped up into my dish.

While we waited to talk to our server, a woman came to the table to ask how everything was and did we need boxes. Linda thought she might be a manager. I showed her what I found. All I wanted was to remove the up-charge for the sweet potatoes from my bill and replace them with a baked potato to take home with my leftovers. She said, “Oh, I’ll do a lot better than that!”

A few minutes later a man arrived with a baked potato to go. When our waiter came by to check on us, we explained what had happened and pointed him in the woman’s direction to coordinate the billing. When he delivered the bills, we were shocked! I was comped $15 on my $25 meal. Patty and Linda were also given discounts on their meals. Wow! I knew she was going to take something off my bill but we weren’t expecting everyone to get a discount. Way to go Red Lobster!

I will be selling raffle tickets for our guild’s raffle quilt at Patches on Sunday so Linda and Patty are going to do Patches on their own. We’ll do the final four shops on Saturday the 18th.

2017 Quilters’ Quest: Jinny Beyer Studio

November 12, 2017

We left Kelly Ann’s well before the bus so had the leisure to enjoy Jinny Beyer Studio in Great Falls, Virginia before the crowd landed. Who should we meet in the parking lot but LeeAnna, Drew and Milo. We had a nice catching-up visit before parting ways. Milo was excited to see new people. I suspect Milo is always excited about everything.

Jinny’s movie selection was Around the World in 80 Days. Even the porch was decorated.

What is a movie without popcorn?

Inside, the shop was decorated with balloons.

I forgot to take a close-up of the quest quilt. That’s it, Third Rock, in the back of the picture on the left.

I found a couple of fabrics for the mystery quilt.



The quest quilt postcard, squares and tissues for paper piecing the quilt. I didn’t buy the finishing kit for the quilt. The shop will be offering kits for the quest quilt design in a blue/green colorway.


A kit for making four postcards from the special quest fabric. I’ll show a picture of it in a later post. Every year they design a Quilters’ Quest exclusive fabric that represents Maryland and Virginia.


While we were chatting with Jinny, she showed us some containers they made from this pattern. It’s English Paper Pieced using a stiff product that I’ve forgotten the name of. I think Jinny said she used Timtex. The pattern calls for some other similar product. I didn’t think to take a picture of Jinny’s vessels.

The bus arrived and unloaded as we were leaving the store. On to our last store for the day.

2017 Quilters’ Quest: Kelly Ann’s

November 12, 2017

On the way to Kelly Ann’s in Warrenton, Virginia, we passed the bus. This gave us hope that we would beat the bus to the shop. Kelly Ann’s is very small. Alas, this was a false hope. Five minutes out from the store, my GPS took us a different route from the bus. We were sitting at a stop light waiting to turn left when the bus passed us, going straight.

The bus was unloading in front of the shop as we pulled up. Rats. Fortunately, there was an empty parking spot just behind where the bus was sitting. Patty and I beat a path to the rest room, hoping to beat the bus folks but some of them found it before we got there. The bus mom was in line with us and we confirmed that the bus would be going to our next stop as well but then head for home. Yay! Our last stop wouldn’t have the bus.

Kelly Ann chose Oceans 11 as her movie. They didn’t have a lot of movie related decoration in the small shop although I did see a bucket of bucks on the cutting table. I did like that their scavenger hunt item was a picture of 11 people. A lot of the shops didn’t relate the scavenger item to the  movie.


George Clooney was there.


Casino Stars. I couldn’t get a good picture of their quilt because of all the people stuffed into the shop.


My mystery quilt selections.



The quest squares and postcard with a little lagniappe (something given as a bonus or extra gift) from Kelly Ann.

On to the next stop.