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Good Fortune: Clue 1

November 26, 2018

I couldn’t start Clue 1 until Saturday because my brother was visiting for Thanksgiving until late Friday afternoon. On Friday we finished this:


This is the first time I’ve put up a tree in years. I bought a new one (7.5′ slim) from Hobby Lobby for 50% off. The treetop angel that I needlepointed many years ago has gone walkabout. She must have taken the tree skirt with her because there is none to be found at present. My brother suggested using some of my fabric. What an idea!

I wrote about the colors I chose for Good Fortune here.  This week’s clue was a boatload of 4-patches. I did all the cutting with my Stripology ruler. I love it and it is worth every penny in my opinion. I cut a strip from the 39 red fabrics I pulled for the mystery and cut them into 6″+ strips to get good variety. Normally I would have just cut squares and tried to mix them so that no two 4-patches were the same. Too much trouble this time. I decided to do it Bonnie’s way. I sewed the short red strips onto 46 longer neutral strips and just kept moving them through in a big loop until all red strips were sewn to a neutral strip.


Third time around.


Ready for pairing.


Attempting to track the number of red segments from my strips as I cut them into short strips.


Bowl of 4-patches ready to spin. Are there enough? Who knows? It’s a mystery!

The required number of 4-patches are in the container on the left so why is my bowl not empty? I only expected to have a couple of extra, not 8. It would have been 9 if I hadn’t messed up cutting on one. I was hoping not to have a bunch of extra bits for this mystery. You know what they say about the best laid plans.


In the first clue of mystery Bonnie Hunter gave to me: an overflowing bowl of 4-patches. You need to hear the tune to 12 Days of Christmas in your head. The words don’t quite scan right but it’s the best I can do.

Wednesday night we went to The Mall in Columbia to see the famous poinsettia tree.


Some years ago the mall did away with the poinsettia tree. What a hullabaloo that caused! After a tremendous fuss by county residents, the mall management caved and brought back the tree.

We meant to go through the Symphony of Lights that started Thursday but forgot. However, these deer were frolicking in the courtyard at the mall.


For months I’ve been looking for my pieces from Grandpa Bennett’s salt and pepper shaker collection. I looked everywhere but couldn’t find them after my move last year. A couple weeks ago I was at the sewing machine and noticed a small box in the gap between the bookcases and the side wall. There was stuff on top of it so it was hard to see. Yes! I found them. Finally!


The shelf is no longer empty! Some of the things are my additions. I found the barn shelf at a craft fair years ago. Perfect for Grandpa’s salt and peppers because he was a farmer.

Thanks for visiting. See what others are making at Bonnie’s mystery linkup.

Good Fortune’s Color

November 13, 2018

This morning I finished pulling the last of my fabrics for Bonnie Hunter’s 2018 mystery quilt, Good Fortune. I decided on a partial color palette for this mystery almost a year ago. As with Allietare, another one that I chose a color palette for long before Bonnie released her color palette, Bonnie’s palette includes some of the same color families as mine. Darn it! One of these years I want to make a mystery quilt that uses completely different colors so it doesn’t look like hundreds of others. This isn’t the year.

Here are the fabrics I chose for my color scheme:

Last December while shopping a going out of business sale, I decided to make lime and orchid (or whatever colors the green and purple above are) my colors to buy during the year when I found myself at a quilt shop. I thought orange looked pretty good with both of those so decided to use those three colors for my mystery this year. The purple is replacing the blue that Bonnie used. Bonnie threw me a curve with the red. I couldn’t think of a different color to add that works like red does. After pondering for a while I decided to go to the rusty side of red. It’s showing brighter in the picture than in real life. This red plays nicely with the other colors, to my eye at least.

This morning I pulled neutrals. Here is what I had to choose from:


Yes, that’s a lot of fabric. An embarrassment of riches. What’s your point? I’ve been wanting to make a neutral quilt for quite a while. Turns out I have three books on making neutral quilts. I’ll have to make several to whittle these piles down some.

Back to the Good Fortune pull. This was the second fabric in the first pile I took off the shelf:


The picture looks a little washed out on my monitor. It has a variety of hues of grayed beige. OK, we’re in business. This will do nicely as the basis for my neutrals this year.

As I went through the piles I was surprised by how many of the fabrics are on the yellow side. I was afraid I wasn’t going to have enough variety. Turns out that wasn’t a problem. Do you think I have enough choices?IMG_20181113_120304.jpg

I finished the back to On Ringo Lake (the 2017 mystery) last week. I want to add a three inch plain border to the top. I need to get that done this week so I can take it to the quilter before Good Fortune begins.