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En Provence: Clue 2

December 5, 2016

All of my scheduled holiday events occurred between Thursday, December 1 and Monday, December 5 so I didn’t think I’d get clue 2 done by the link-up day.

My quilt guild meets weekly except in December when we only meet the first week. Last Thursday was our daytime group’s December meeting and holiday pot luck. First event over.

On Friday, Linda and I went to lunch, then down to Bellwether’s open house. Dick and Jean Fries are brokers for hand quilting by Amish quilters. Jean also makes quilts for sale and still has some patterns for sale. She said this is the last year for the open house. This was my first time going so I’m glad we did. We didn’t get back until late afternoon due to excessive traffic. Why aren’t those people at work? So, no mystery quilt work took place on Friday.

Saturday I stayed home to rest, trying to encourage this respiratory bug to go away. I am getting better but it’s very slow. I decided that for clue 2 I would use my Accuquilt die. I dragged myself out of bed at the crack of 10:30 and went down to the studio to cut fabric. For these units I decided to starch the fabric before running it through the Go. The starch helps stabilize the bias edges. I got both background and constant strips cut and starched before lunch.

Mid-afternoon I went back downstairs to cut the pieces for the units. After running the first few sets of background fabrics through I realized that I better start counting or I’d have a boatload of extra pieces. I ended up with one extra background and a handful of extra side pieces for one side. I ran several pieces of short constant strips through and forgot that half of them needed to be wrong side up. But, it worked out because as I was sewing I found two pieces for that side that had selvage in them. I was glad to have the extra pieces to swap out.


Sets of pieces all counted out and ready to sew.

I didn’t expect to get the units sewed before Tuesday but found myself bored on Saturday evening so went down to sew. I watched the pilot episode of Designated Survivor on demand. I thought I’d recorded all the episodes after that but I was missing episode 2. Darn it. The series is far enough along that it isn’t available free on demand so I went on to episode 3. These units go through the machine pretty quickly when done in groups of ten. Good thing since Sunday and Monday are away from home events.


Finished units.

Sunday was the Sew and Tell holiday edition. There are currently ten local members who swap holiday gifts in December. Here’s all the loot laid out, nice and neat before the feeding frenzy.


Usually there’s a free-for-all as soon as the gifts are laid out but this year everybody acted like grown-ups. We sewed and talked a while and waited until after we ate and had show and tell – about two hours. Some people wrap the gifts and put name tags on, others wrap but don’t assign them, others don’t wrap. Beth always goes beyond what’s necessary. Everything she does is impeccable. Her gifts were in holiday Chinese takeout boxes. When I opened mine I found two wrapped items inside. It would never occur to me to wrap items I was putting inside another wrapping. So, what was in all those pretty packages?

Clear medical tape wrapped in a piece of fabric. The tape is good to put on the bottom of rulers and templates to prevent slippage. I bought some earlier this year so I probably have a lifetime supply now. I haven’t opened the magnet lights yet so can’t say anything about them.

The long zipper and trims came with a challenge to make something with them. Probably not going to happen any time soon. We had to choose among a sewing machine, the scissors I chose or a spool of thread with a needle. It’s a cute led light to hang on a key chain or bag. We also got to choose from several of the new Moda “merit” badges. Of course, I had to choose “Kiss my Stash!”

This ingenious thread snip keeps the snips inside the cover so you can’t lose it. There’s a button on the side that slides the snips out and back in.

Who can’t use nice, long, thin pins? Especially with the way I’m bending pins lately. I just noticed that there is something tucked into the twill tape labels. Wonder what it is? It’s two floors down so I’ll find out tomorrow. The silicon trivet thingies should work for an iron. I’ll have to try that. I have a cordless iron and when I just want to put it down for a few seconds to adjust things, I put it flat on the ironing board instead of back in its cradle. These might save scorching the ironing board cover.


Add some borders and quilting to this panel and I’ve got a quilt. If one wanted, one could cut all the pieces apart and do something clever with them. That’s not likely to happen.


I gave these zipper pouches. Linda got shades of pink. The rest got the above or shades of blue. I have no idea what to use it for.

I always look forward to Monday because my guild’s night group meets then. As with the day group, we only meet once in December. The first Monday of the month is also Mimi’s Grad School group. Every December I wish one group met a different day because each has a potluck for the December meeting. That means a potluck for lunch and another potluck for dinner. Oy vey! Two potlucks in one day is a little much. Added to Sew and Tell on Sunday, that makes three potlucks in two days. With the guild party last Thursday, that’s four potlucks in 5 days. Too much of a good thing.

See how others are doing on the mystery at the link-up.

And now I have to go cook for tonight’s potluck.

Faithful Circle Quilters 2016 Show: Quilting with Friends

April 23, 2016

The Faithful Circle Quilters of Columbia, MD guild puts on one of the best guild shows in the DMV (DC-MD-VA). Our show is during the even numbered years. Milltown Quilters has their show in the odd years in the same location. A lot of people think it’s the same guild every year because it is in the same location.

FCQ 2016 Show 001

A couple of weeks ago one of our members had the idea to hang little quilts the size of a block around the railings at the entry to the church where we have our show. Members jumped in and we quickly had a multitude of little quilts to hang. They were so popular with visitors that there were traffic jams on the ramp caused by people taking time to look at all the little bits. There were enough to hang some out by the highway to attract passers-by. Fortunately, we had no inclement weather during the show.

FCQ 2016 Show 184

Our raffle quilt doesn’t photograph well. The light blue background always washes out for some reason. The flower blocks are machine embroidery made by deceased member, Joyce Schneider. Her husband donated the blocks and remaining background fabric to the guild. Margo Cramer designed the quilt and border and wrangled it to completion. Maria O’Haver did the quilting. I neglected to take a picture of the quilting. It was won by a guild member.

These are some of my favorite quilts from the show and, of course, my quilts. I hope the artist statements are readable.

This quilt won Viewer’s Choice for large quilts.

In My Garden is one of my quilts.

This was Viewer’s Choice for small quilts.

I love this hexagon heart quilt by Margaret Minton. Dawn’s quilting is gorgeous.

Farmer’s Market 20/20 is another of my quilts. It has another 20 fabrics on the back.

I love this Sunbonnet Sue doing all manner of quilting activities. In the row below, she buys the fabric in the first block, sews it in the second block, then wears the finished apron in the third block.

FCQ 2016 Show 073

Another one of my quilts. This one won Viewer’s Choice for medium size quilts! Detailed post for 2001: A Calendar Odyssey.

This one was made by my friend, Genie, for the Cuddly Critters Linus challenge. I just love it. It’s much prettier in person than in the photo. Every year or two, Stephanie bags up fabrics in brown bags and issues a challenge for Linus quilts. One year a member had to downsize and donated tons of flamingo fabrics for the Linus quilts. Our members rise to the challenge and make wonderful quilts. We had an entire room plus the hallway lined with the Cuddly Critter quilts.

Mother Goose and Friends is another of my quilts. It was a joy to make despite the half-inch sashing and cornerstones, the small sawtooth stars and the prairie points.

Joyce Ritter’s butterfly mobile won Viewer’s Choice in the Other category.

Some of the silent auction area. It’s hard to get photos because of the cramped space.

FCQ 2016 Show 179

Peddler’s table where guild members sell their excess items. This is an extremely popular area. On Thursday morning when the show opened, the first thing attendees wanted to know was “where are you selling the members’ stuff?” I heard there was a line of people waiting to get into the room. This picture was taken on Saturday afternoon after 2.5 days of selling.

One of the things our show is known for is the decorative vignettes scattered around the show. Member bring items in and Sandy McDonald and her team work their magic. Some, like this one, are themed to the quilts. These decorations add a special touch to the show.

FCQ 2016 Show 183

A popular section we added in our 2014 show is the $10 and under boutique. Members make items to be sold here. I scored 3 bibs for my mother so now I don’t have to make them. I was able to get one before the show and took it home to Illinois with me last week. It was a big hit in the dining room of the facility. I’ll have to draw off a pattern before sending the other two off. Now Dad wants one so Mom will have to share.

FCQ 2016 Show 190

Drawing winners for the raffle baskets and quilt. I neglected to take photos of the 7 baskets. There were 2 that each contained 200 fat quarters – that’s 50 yards each, folks. One woman bought some tickets and gave them to her granddaughter to disperse with the instruction, “Don’t put any in the ones with all the fabric!” Many of us felt that way. I didn’t win any of the raffles. In the upper right hand corner, the woman in the pink jacket is looking at a 2 week old kitten being cared for by a member. He wasn’t happy to be so popular.

It’s all over now until 2018 which will get here sooner than any of us are ready for.

Guild Silent Auction

October 28, 2015

Every year my quilt guild, Faithful Circle Quilters, in Columbia, MD, has a silent auction to raise money for the Thansgiving baskets for the needy given by the church where we meet. I wasn’t going to go this year because I hadn’t gotten anything ready to sell and didn’t want to bring anything home.

This was tempting:


One member made up a raffle basket with 120 fat quarters. You had to be present to win. I ended up going and bought some tickets. it raised $400. I figured if I won, that would take care of my Sew and Tell group birthday gifts for next year. I didn’t win. The winner was the teenage daughter of a member. Now she has a stash.

One of our members made this beautiful cake.


Unfortunately, I didn’t come home empty handed. I bought what purported to be the kits for this BOM that was offered at our local shop some years ago. I hope I have all the patterns (wonder where they might be?) because this is not a complete set. There is fabric for some of the blocks but not all.


I also picked up this small Delft plate: