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2019 Finishes

January 1, 2020

Well, this was a shock! I felt like I’d accomplished a lot and had a bunch of finishes this year. As I went through my posts for 2019 I only found one finish that was posted. I do have other finishes so I will go back and post them so I can include them in this roundup.  I need to do a better job of posting my finishes in 2020.

I got 7 quilts back from a long-armer shortly before I left for the Christmas holiday and I already had 4 (I think) quilts waiting for binding. I’ve got 3 more ready for quilting.  I have one quilt at my primary long-armer which should be coming back soon because I need it for our quilt show in April. I’ve got lots of blocks ready to be assembled into quilts. One quilt is waiting for a backing so it is almost ready for the quilter. Another just needs borders sewn on and backing made and it will be ready. 2020 should have a bumper crop of finishes if I can keep up with the binding, backings and labels.

So, on to what did get finished in 2019.

The March Snowman, Going in Like a Lion, Coming Out Like a Lamb, from the Snowmen Will Melt Your Heart collection is the only one of the Snow people that was completely finished (no label yet, sigh). January, February, April, and May are ready to quilt. I finally finished the embroidery for June and it is ready for assembly. The July-December pieces are still waiting their turn for realization.


I Used to be a Layer Cake was finished in April.


Flying Home was finished in the first half of the year.


T for Two was finished in time for me to gift it when I went to Illinois in early May.


Mocha Meringue was finished in the fall.


Sweet Poison was finished sometime around mid-2019.


In the Pink was finished in late summer or fall.


9-patch blues was finished December 29.


String Weaver was finished December 28.


I think that’s it for 2019. I can’t think of anything else that was finished in 2019. I will try to post my finishes more timely in 2020.

Flying Home finished 2019

December 31, 2019

Another one that was finished in the first half of the year that didn’t get written about is Flying Home. This was a Missouri Star Quilt Company video tutorial. I positioned my parts as shown in the accompanying PDF, not the way the sample quilt in the video was done. It is 47″ by 47″.



The back is the Gyleen Fitzgerald back. I think the instructions for this were provided in one of her appearances on The Quilt Show. All of the large pieces are cat fabrics. All fabrics for this quilt came from my stash. I was pleased to find I had the perfect stripe for the binding.

It was quilted by Rachael Kim Komet in a feather meander. I let her choose how to quilt it.

I made this with the idea that it would be a donation quilt or gift at some point. I’ve been using it as a lap quilt in front of the TV. Am I going to have trouble giving it up one day?


April 23, 2019

Now that my memo board is up, I’m trying to get into the habit of writing down what I’ve done when I leave the studio. I often feel like I’ve done very little but when I see it written down I feel more productive.

April 9

  • Sewed the binding, front and back, on the March snowman wall hanging, stitched the coal pieces and did the embroidery. It’s finished except for a label.

Snowmen Will Melt Your Heart: Going in Like a Lion, Coming Out Like a Lamb

I did the applique stitching as the quilting. I used the triple stitch on the machine to do the whiskers on the lion. Probably should have chosen a darker thread because they don’t show up so well. This was my first time stitching the binding on completely by machine. I think I cut it 2.25″ for .25″ binding on front. Stitched in the ditch on the front to catch the back. Occurred to me too late that I should have used my stitch in the ditch dual feed foot. Next time.

April 10

  • Sorted the floral 16-patch blocks into my quilt and other quilts. This is the first sort. When I lay them out, more or fewer may be needed for my quilt.
  • Sewed the binding to the front of the bargello (I Used to Be a Layer Cake) wall hanging
  • Trimmed Flying Home to ready it for binding.
  • Cut some scraps with the Accuquilt
  • Cut paper templates for fussy cutting Serengeti kit from Jinny Beyer.
  • Pieced the front of the Schnauzer pillow cover


I found the Schnauzer piece on the freebie table or peddler’s table at a quilt show. I really don’t remember where I got it. The paw fabric came from stash. My brother has had 6 rescue mini-schnauzers over the last many years. This will be for  him. I need to get a pillow insert, then make the back. I’m not quilting it.

April 11

  • Did some hand sewing of binding on bargello (I Used to Be a Layer Cake)
  • Went to guild
  • Went to sale of former quilt shop owner’s stuff. Bought too much fabric.

April 12

  • Traced and fused seaweed and anemone for Clown School and cut them out.


These are some honking big pieces. Fortunately I had a roll of 36″ wide fusible that I bought a while back. Perfect size for this project.

April 13

  • Went to Stella Rubin’s with Baltimore Applique Society. Saw some fabulous antique quilts but we weren’t allowed to take photos of them.
  • Went to Jinny Beyer club
  • Sewed the binding on the front of Flying Home

April 14

  • Sew and Tell meeting at my house. There were only 4 of us out of the 10. It wasn’t our usual day because of Easter and Passover.
  • Sorted scraps and cut strips with Accuquilt for Gyleen Fitzgerald pineapple blocks.

April 15

  • Did some hand sewing on the bargello binding  (I Used to Be a Layer Cake)
  • Sorted scraps and cut pineapple block strips with Accuquilt

April 16

  • Hand sewed bargello binding  (I Used to Be a Layer Cake)
  • Made 4 good pineapple blocks and 2 bad ones.


The good blocks


The bad blocks. I went off the rails on the last two rounds on these. Sewed the last two rounds on the wrong edges. Then cut the side off one of them. The one I didn’t screw up the cutting on could have been used with the others, I guess. I gave these two to Linda to do something with.

April 17

  • BAS meeting. Debby Cooney showed chintz quilts from her collection and Polly Mello’s collection.
  • Reviewed 5 older magazines. Getting rid of 3.
  • Made two pineapple blocks.


I haven’t taken a picture of the two blocks yet but here’s the back of one before I trimmed it. I think I showed in a previous blog a pineapple quilt made by one of my guild members with stars in the sashing. In Gyleen’s method, the 8th round won’t even show on mine because it will be in the seam allowance. This time I used 2″ wide pieces to serve as both round 7 and round 8. I think this must be how Carol did hers but we haven’t had a guild meeting for me to ask her. This way is much easier and wastes less fabric.

April 18

  • No guild meeting because of Holy Week.
  • Fussy cut animal blocks
  • Designed the fussy cut animal block quilt
  • Auditioned fabrics for fussy animal alternate blocks
  • Arranged the animal squares

April 19

  • Cut and pieced the alternate blocks for the fussy cut animals
  • Sorted scraps and cut strips for pineapple blocks

April 20

  • More hand sewing on bargello (I Used to Be a Layer Cake). Unsewed the part that has to be redone on the front. A short area of the top ended up not getting caught under the binding.
  • Cut binding strips for the T quilt
  • Prepared the T quilt binding strips that will have the label stitched into them.
  • Sorted scraps and cut strips for pineapple blocks

April 21-22

  • Fixed the binding on the front of the bargello (I Used to Be a Layer Cake). Finished the hand sewing of the binding. Yay! Will blog about it another time.
  • Prepared the binding and sewed it on the T quilt. Finally!
  • Sorted scraps
  • Assembled 4 columns of the fussy cut animal quilt into two pieces of two columns each.

If you’d asked me what I did, I’d have said not much. By writing it down, I feel like I accomplished a lot. This is an unusual amount of time in the studio. No guild meetings because of Holy Week and other church activities. No appointments. Nothing requiring me to be out of the house. That will be changing soon.


FCQ Sew-in

October 22, 2016

Back in the late 1990s when I joined Faithful Circle Quilters, we had sew-ins every month or two. We had to stop when the church where we meet was undergoing renovations. When we started having sew-ins again, they always seemed to be on the second Saturday of the month so I couldn’t go because that is Jinny Beyer Club day. Then the sew-ins stopped again.

Our current president is trying to get the sew-ins started again and scheduled one for today. Usually a member presents an optional project for people to work on. I was able to go but had no intention of doing the project. This was the perfect time to get the borders put on Allietare, Bonnie Hunter’s 2015 mystery quilt.

What do you see when you look at the quilt below?


This is the project that Nancy presented – galoshes. I saw the boots and didn’t think anything of it. However, the Jews in our guild who are children of Holocaust survivors immediately saw swastikas and found it offensive. I found a picture of one on the internet that was gray, black and red and that one definitely looked like swastikas. I can’t find it now to post a link to it.

Caren worked on Flying Home, the Missouri Star Quilt Company video from several weeks ago.


The ladies working hard:

A few others came later in the morning. It wasn’t a huge turnout but it was a nice number of folks which gave everyone plenty of room to work.

I finished getting the borders on Allietare after lunch. I had cut two lengths of fabric for the outer borders several months ago but didn’t have enough space at home to comfortably measure and place the inner borders for mitering. I should have measured the width of the outer border strips before I sewed them to the inner border because when I added the other two borders to the quilt, they were bigger than the first two. Oh, well, better too big than too small. I’ll have to carefully fold the top to trim those edges before taking it to the quilter.


I love this! I changed the inner border to use the same color as the side triangles because I like the way it ties them together. There were lots of compliments on the color combination. My colors were based on the Hoffman floral fabric shown below:


This is a closeup of the outer border fabric but the color in the photo is lighter than it really is. It has streaks of pink and purple in it so it went perfectly with the body of the quilt. This is a Jinny Beyer print as is the inner border fabric.


I hoped to get the back finished as well, but that didn’t happen. I made pieces for the back several months ago when work on the top halted. I couldn’t complete the back then because I didn’t know how big it needed to be until the top was done. I was able to get some of the panels cut to the right width and sewn to each other but there’s still a lot of work to do to finish the back. That’s the agenda for this week. I have to get Allietare to the quilter before this year’s mystery starts next month.



What happens when you think you aren’t doing anything

October 19, 2016

I haven’t sewn at all in the past 2 weeks because I’ve been down with a bad respiratory virus. Although I’m not fully recovered yet, I feel much better this week. I don’t feel like I’ve done much sewing since I got back from Illinois in August. But, I had a pile of blocks I hadn’t documented yet so here’s what I’ve done since the last batch of blocks I showed.


Two Wild and Goosey segments.


A bunch of leader/ender spools.


Six string blocks.

Some T blocks for Becky and Bill’s quilt. I took the blocks I had with me in August to show her and she liked it! Even wants it queen bed sized. Now I need to cut more blocks.

A bunch of Dutch or double 9-patch blocks. The following two WordPress wouldn’t display the same as the others and apparently, wouldn’t save the cropped version of one.


The rest of these blocks. I finished the last of them yesterday. Now to lay them out and assemble the top. Silly me, I thought this one would be a quick weekend project.


Some bonus triangle blocks produced by the blocks above. I still have a bunch of bonus triangles to assemble into blocks. I’m going to make some bigger blocks to mix in with the smaller ones.

That was a lot of blocks, right? They add up even if you only sew two a day.

Mimi’s Grad School November meeting was moved up to October 31 because of Quilters’ Quest. I’ve got to get my bird block ready for the display  wall on Monday. Oh, wait, I’ve got an extra week before Halloween. Whew! (wiping brow). Still, I’m going to try to get it done this week. By done, I mean the pieces prepared for applique and pinned to the background.

I couldn’t help myself

September 18, 2016

Every Friday, Missouri Star Quilt Company puts a new video on YouTube. I need another project like I need another hole in my head but I couldn’t help myself. As soon as I saw Friday’s video I pictured the quilt in red and brown. I thought it would be a quick weekend project using the strips from the swaps I participated in a couple of years ago. Each block needs 18.5″ of each of the 2 main fabrics. We swapped half width of fabric so the strips should have been long enough. I was dismayed to discover that most of the red strips were only 15-16″ long. I must have cut off a 2.5″ square for another project and not remembered doing it. That meant I had to go through all the strips and check the length – time consuming. I finally found 23 strips that were long enough and read as red. Some of the swap strips were too pink, too purplish, too rusty, etc. The brown strips were fine although some were a little wider than the red strips. I don’t believe I’ll be swapping again. Kind of disappointing.

I finally got to the point where I could make the first blocks. Since I was working with 2.5″ strips and flippy corners, of course I had to sew a second seam to get a bonus triangle square. I didn’t want to waste time drawing lines so I needed to modify the tool I’m using to sew the diagonal seams.


Quilt in a Day’s Sew Straight

According to Bonnie Hunter’s bonus triangle tip, the seams for a 2.5″ square should be 3/8″ apart. I added a piece of colored tape 3/8″ to the left of the center line of the tool. I sewed the first seam from corner to corner lining it up with the center line as instructed. For the second seam, I lined up the first seam with the right edge of the colored tape I added.


That’s how I do the flippy triangles and get the bonus triangles without wasting time drawing lines. This technique is more accurate for me. Your mileage may vary.

So far I’ve made 8 blocks. Once I got the procedure down making the blocks picked up speed, though I’ll never be as fast as Jenny Doan.

I’m handling the bonus triangles as I go, pressing them and cutting off the dog ears. I’d like to sew them up as I go as well so I don’t end up with another bag of parts. I’m having analysis paralysis – can’t decide which configuration to use.

I could do pinwheels or square in a square.


I could do a sort of checkerboard. Ignore the bottom right set – I didn’t notice I laid them out wrong for this photo.


I could do parallelograms.


I could do broken dishes.


I’m sure there are some other layouts that I didn’t think of.

Should I choose one layout and do only that one with all the sets? Or, should I make all the layouts and, throwing caution to the wind, use them all together in a random setting? I’m kind of tending toward the last option. What say you, gentle readers?

I think the reason I’m leaning toward using all of the layouts is a quilt I saw yesterday at the Pennsylvania National Quilt Show that really caught my eye. It was a Japanese scrap quilt of tumbling blocks where each diamond in the set of three contained a different block. I found myself thinking that the elaborate symmetrical quilts in the show were somewhat boring in their perfection. I was shocked to find myself thinking that.

If I counted correctly, I cut 23 block kits. I still need to cut red strips so I can make up the rest of the 36 block kits needed. I’ll probably wait and do that after these are made so I can make sure I have a suitable range of values.

In between bouts of sewing I’m cataloging my patterns and filing them alphabetically so I can actually find them when needed.