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Mimi’s Grad School: December 2017

December 5, 2017

This is the first grad school class update I’ve done in quite a while. One of these days I’ll have to post the pictures from the months I missed posting.

December is always a holiday potluck lunch. Everyone was satisfactorily stuffed.

In January of this year, Mimi passed out cards and instructed us to write down what we hope to accomplish this year. At the December meeting she handed them out for us to review and discuss with our neighbors. They say confession is good for the soul. I knew I was going to move so my goals were quite modest. I only had one and that was to keep up with the Ladies of the Sea blocks. I didn’t quite succeed but if I hadn’t been working with a friend, I wouldn’t have accomplished as much as I did on the project. I highly recommend having a workday with a friend to keep you on track for a project even if the two of you aren’t working on the same project. I can’t stress enough how helpful it is.

Here are the blocks folks finished for the bucket list projects. There weren’t as many finished blocks this month as there have been in past months.

Polly had some challenges with her husband’s health and other family issues the last several months so she didn’t quite finish some blocks at the time or had to miss meetings so didn’t show them. She made up for it this time. Here are her finished ship blocks:


The Mayflower was this months block. The rigging on this one nearly killed us. Every time I thought I was done, I found another line missing. Sigh. Here’s my block. I haven’t done any inking on any of the blocks yet.


One of the benefits of a deep stash is having the perfect fabric right at hand when needed. I have an extensive collection of food fabrics. I was thrilled to find a pumpkin print that was exactly the size of the pumpkin in the block. Then I discovered a mini apple print that was exactly the size of the red apples. The orange and green came from other fruit prints that were the right color but not the size. They still worked.

Peggy is working on a Karen Kay Buckley pattern:


Patty is using the Accuquilt Rose of Sharon die for her blocks.



Clara is working on Barbara Brackman’s Prairie Flowers.


In the It’s a Small World arena, I worked for Clara’s brother before I ever met Clara. We were in a class together when I found out who she was. Some of the students were talking about names and relatives. One asked Clara if there were a lot of Murphys around. That triggered something and I asked her if she was related to the Murphy boys who worked at Social Security headquarters. “Oh, yeah, all of them. Doug was my husband.” Doug and his brother, Richard, were already legends when I started working at headquarters. Then, she said, “Tony P________ is my brother.” You could have knocked her over with a feather when I told her I used to work for Tony. Later, I remembered him saying when Doug died that Doug was his brother-in-law.

Dot finished her snowman top:


Nechama’s finished quilt:


Doesn’t that sashing set off the blocks nicely?

Mimi finished the quilt with the blocks given to her for her initiation into the Quilters Hall of Fame. Some of the birds have special characteristics. Notice the one in the center with a crown. Kay made it because she considers Mimi the queen of applique. But, Kay is known to her grandchildren as Queenie. Two birds with one crown, so to speak. There’s a bird representing the Ravens. Mimi’s a big sports fan. She pointed out some others but I can’t remember what she said about them.


If you’ve made it this far, here’s your reward. One of the goals Clara wrote was “move my granddaughter’s Tshirt quilt to the next level.” She claims she accomplished that goal because she moved it from the basement to the second floor. We all got a big kick out of that one. So, if you want to succeed at your goals, you just have to be careful with your wording.



Mimi’s Grad School: March 2017

March 15, 2017

Lots of show and tell again this month. Last year we started having drawings for prizes. You had to show something to qualify to be in the drawing. We think this is providing incentive for everyone to show something.

Polly and I worked on the same ship from Ladies of the Sea this month. Hers is the completed one on the left. As with last month I didn’t finish. Hang around for the next post to find out why I haven’t been getting much done. The points on those maple leaves were a pain in the ass. Polly thinks Sue Garman went a little overboard with the rigging on the ships. The backgrounds have more color than shows in these pictures.


Genie managed to finish 3 more Jacobean blocks this month. That makes 6 she’s done this year.

Clara is working on her Prairie Flowers (Barbara Brackman) blocks (the bottom). I can’t remember if the top piece is show and tell or a sample for the shop. Snow fell yesterday but I don’t think many people were saying “Yoo Hoo”. Shoudn’t it be “Ya hoo?”


Peggy H is doing Karen Kay Buckley’s Magical Medallions (or something like that).


I don’t remember who did this one. One year we swapped green and red squares. This block was made from the swapped fabrics.


Joan is making these lovely blocks from Little Brown Bird. She enjoys embellishing with embroidery.


Vera is also making Little Brown Bird blocks. Look how she used her fabrics in this block.

Patty is doing Rose of Sharon with her Accuquilt dies.


Ruth is doing quilt as you go on blocks from Affairs of the Heart by Aie Rossman. I think I’ve got the title right. These blocks are from a few years ago when we broke into several groups for our afternoon group project. This group was dubbed the Strumpets. We didn’t like that year so much because we didn’t get to see what the other groups were doing. But, you try something and if it doesn’t work, you don’t do that again.


Nechama did this block. I don’t remember the designer.


This is a portion of Kim’s center for her medallion quilt.


Kay, our southern belle, is a master of making the fabric work for her. She used one of her monogrammed linens for the tablecloth under the vase.

I don’t remember who did these. I really should do the grad school posts before I have time to forget.

Annette showed her Backyard Birds quilt that Kim quilted.


Annette is making a diary quilt based on Mimi’s book from several years ago. She plan to add family names to the tree block but hasn’t decided how to do that yet.

I hope you find the show and tell as inspiring as we do.

Mimi’s Grad School: February 2017

February 9, 2017

February saw us meeting at the beginning of the month as usual. This time Polly and I were the presenters and it was my birthday. Polly and I are doing Sue Garman’s Ladies of the Sea. I wanted to give the link to her website where the pattern is sold but the website has disappeared. Strange, because her daughters said they would continue to make her patterns available. Sue Garman died 1/8/2017 so maybe things are in flux right now.

Polly did the pirate ship, of course, as her first block. I chose the Dutch Hooker because my great-grandfather emigrated from the Netherlands to the US and the block looked fairly simple. Polly finished her block early where I was struggling the night before class. Mine doesn’t have any rigging yet and needs a sail transplant before that happens. The problem only shows upon close examination but it won’t hold up to any used so the part needs to be replaced. Then, I left my block on the wall so Polly took it home with her. First block of the year and already I’m behind. Sigh.

Polly does freezer paper on top needle turn so I decided to use that technique for this block. It’s been years since I’ve done needle turn. I hated the freezer paper on top. In January Mimi showed us a tip using a Roxanne’s white chalk pencil and an iron to make a thick hard line around the freezer paper. Heat the piece, then run the chalk pencil along the edge of the freezer paper while the piece is still hot. The heat melts the chalk to make a thick line. It uses up the pencil pretty fast. Then, the freezer paper can be removed and the chalk line turns under. That helped but it was still a pain in the butt with small pieces. Shift happened, thus the need for the sail transplant after attempting to fix the shift. I’m trying freezer paper on bottom and prepared edges with starch for the next block.

Polly read a couple of sea-faring poems and talked about pirates. I was a little nervous and zoned out so that’s about all I remember. We both talked about why we chose to do this quilt as our bucket list album and gave information about the ships represented in our blocks. Polly gave her pirate some attitude with a slightly cockeyed jaw.

I first came to Maryland in the fall of 1981. One weekend I went to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and discovered the Pride of Baltimore.

The ship was in the harbor and open to the public. That was a long time ago so I don’t remember much about the ship except walking around on it and talking to the crew members who were on duty. That was one of the things that caused me to be attracted to the Ladies of the Sea quilt. Sadly, the Pride was lost at sea in 1986.

Construction began on the Pride of Baltimore II in 1987. I’ve never seen this ship.

Everyone put up the blocks they worked on for this month. Some were catching up on the birds from last year.

Genie is doing Jacobean blocks.


Kay is taking elements from various patterns in her collection for her quilt.


Patty is making Rose of Sharon blocks using the Accuquilt dies.


Sue is making blocks that combine wool and cotton. I don’t remember the name of the pattern.


I think Peggy is making Karen Kay Buckley’s Magical Medallions.


I don’t remember who is doing these blocks but the one on the left is a different person than the ones on the right.


Debra is making these. I don’t remember the name. Eventually it will spell Merry Christmas.


Clara is catching up on Barbara Brackman’s Prairie Flowers, a grad school project from some years ago.


Joan is making these gorgeous blocks from Margaret Docherty’s Little Brown Bird.

Mimi is making lots of little baskets.

Annette made these diary quilt blocks. Mimi’s book A Quilter’s Diary is about making a quilt like this.


I’m afraid I don’t remember who made the red block on the left. The bee blocks are from Elaine. Joan H. made the gingerbread men block.

Nechama made this block. I don’t remember the pattern name.


Whew! What a lot of show and tell. Will we be able to keep it up throughout the year? Last year we started having a drawing every month for a prize. We’re continuing that this month. Polly and I will be giving the prizes next month.

The store extended their Super Bowl sale into Monday so we could take advantage of it. Polly and I are planning to design our own borders for Ladies of the Sea instead of making Sue’s borders. My fantasy is that I will make Sue’s borders into a strippy quilt so the fabric on the left is for in between the fancy border strips.


I’m not much of a heart person but the fabric on the right attracted me. I resisted it’s siren call the first several times I passed it but finally succumbed on my way to pack up my stuff to leave. I think this will be a back or border. I already have an idea for the front. It will have to go on the list of things I want to make along with hundreds of others as I contemplate the ordeal of moving all my crap wonderful belongings to my new house. Closing is set for 2/28.

Mimi’s Grad School: December

December 17, 2016

Grad school met the first Monday in December with our usual potluck lunch. This year we decided to go ahead and meet at the regular time to have a meeting before lunch.


We came in to find a colorful bucket at each seat. Some of us swapped buckets to get a color we liked better. I ended up with yellow, although I kept eyeing the orange.


Why a bucket? Because next year the project is Bucket list album quilt.


That’s all I’m going to say about that until next year.

We showed off our Mama Bird blocks.

Nechama is making her blocks smaller, half-size maybe.


Several members are doing trees. Sue showed hers this month.


Every month Kathy adds something new to her tree.


She’s got a hummingbird at the feeder with a squirrel below; a kite stuck in the tree; the fire department rescuing a cat; a monkey that must have escaped from the zoo; the robin is building a nest; a deer is peeking out from behind the tree; a birdbath; a bear cub.

Our last bird for this BOM is the cardinal. The presenters showed their blocks.


Mimi’s Grad School: November

November 3, 2016

Yay, Cubs! They finally did it.

Growing up in central Illinois, we were Cardinal fans because we were closer to St. Louis than Chicago and could run down to St. Louis for a game. I lived in Chicago for five years, part of it just a mile or so from Wrigley Field, before I moved out to Maryland and my brother lives there so I had a vested interest in last night’s World Series final. I wasn’t watching the game but was texting with my brother. The score then was 4-1 in the 5th inning. When the 11:00 news said the score was tied in the 9th inning, I quickly switched over to the game to watch the last 2 innings. At one point it looked like the Cubbies were going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Our November Grad School meeting was held on October 31. The store moved it up a week because of Quilters’ Quest. Mimi was wearing her Halloween pointing finger.


Our bird this month in the pattern was a purple martin. Kay designed a woodpecker block for us instead. Some folks worked ahead making the blocks except for the bird so they went ahead and did the bird in the original pattern. Kay made a block with quilts hanging on the line and a rooster that reminds her of childhood visits to her grandparent’s farm. I remembered to bring my project box this time so displayed my painted bunting and woodpecker (the third picture from the left in the top row). They aren’t sewn down yet.

Next month’s bird is called Mama Bird in the pattern. Genie and Ruth decided that the yellow bird was either a goldfinch or a chickadee.

Genie worked ahead and got her top with blocks assembled. She chose not to follow the pattern for all the block foliage.


She also made a tree with all the birds. She saved room for the rest of the birds. Since the last time I showed her tree she added a bird feeder to the empty space.


Every bird feeder needs a squirrel.


All but one of my grad school projects have ended up as a box of blocks because we do a block each month then move on to the next project without allowing time for assembly and borders. Now that I don’t have a job taking up all my time, I’m determined not to let this project languish. I added the frames to the blocks that are sewn. After I took the picture below, I cut and sewed the border backgrounds and chose and cut the strips for the inner border. I need to get as much done as I can before the Bonnie Hunter mystery starts. We have one more bird that will be presented in December and made for January display. I have a lot of beaks, feet and eyes to do yet.


Mimi’s Grad School: October

October 23, 2016

The painted bunting was this month’s bird. He’s very colorful. I managed to leave my project box at home so couldn’t display my block. He’ll show up next month.


A cartoon-ish purple martin was the next block. Kay substituted a woodpecker and totally changed the rest of the block to support him.


With this post, I’m caught up on the grad school blocks. I’ll try not to let the next one’s slide.

This month we also decided what next year’s project will be. I’m really excited about it. That’s all I’m going to say about it until January.


Mimi’s Grad School: September

October 22, 2016

The nuthatch was the block for this month. Mine’s on the top right of the first picture. He’s not stitched yet.


The painted bunting is the next block.

Mimi’s Grad School: August

October 21, 2016

The August block was the raven, substituting for the yellow-headed crow.



Kay’s raven is sitting, reading a book on  Edgar Allan Poe’s tombstone with the rose and cognac left by the Poe Toaster.


The presentation block for September was the nuthatch.


Mimi’s Grad School: May

October 18, 2016

The Mountain Bluebird block was the assignment for May. Blocks for past months that weren’t done on time are also displayed.


The Blue Jay was presented as the next block.


Mimi’s Grad School: April

October 17, 2016

Our block to make for April was the Robin.


Genie showing her tree progress.


Mountain bluebirds are for May. Kay and Patty are just holding the blocks while listening to the presenters.