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Row by Row begins

June 26, 2016

Tuesday I went down to Capital Quilts to get the tour of the new Janome 9400. I was very pleased with the service I’ve received. Annie, the machine area manager, spent 2.5 hours showing me the machine. I had no idea we’d been at it that long – the time went so quickly. Their machine order was on back order but expected to ship any day. While I was there, she called Janome to find out when their order would be shipped. Turns out it was that day or the next, expected by Thursday. They hadn’t all been sold yet so I reserved one. Then she called Horn to find out how long it would take for the insert to arrive. The Horn representative took the time to verify that my cabinet was big enough for the machine. Nice work, ladies. I picked up the machine on Saturday!

While at Capital Quilts I picked up the kit for their row. Somehow I missed even seeing their row last year so I bought the pattern for that one. You’d think with all the shops we went to last year that I’d manage to get all the ones within an hour’s drive of my house.


The 2015 row is the cherry trees and the reflecting pool in the DC monument area. This year is the White House having a quilt show on the fence. The kit includes the outlines for the “quilts”, ready to color. They have a couple of license plates but I didn’t get any this time.


I also picked up four patriotic fat quarters.

Tuesday was the day the horrific storm went through the DMV area. It started to rain just as I was leaving Gaithersburg. I have never seen raindrops so big. The splats on my window were 2-3 inches in diameter as the storm began. It rained hard all the way home but I managed to miss the tornado that touched down in part of my  county and the flash flooding. At one point the rain was so loud for so long I was wishing for a volume control.

Since I had to pass the Maple Lawn/Fulton area on my way home, I stopped at Prints Charming to pick up their row.


Again, I got the kit because they had a bunch of buttons in it.

From there, my last stop before home was Spring Water Designs which is not far from my house.


Their row is really cute. They have two kit options. One contains all the fabrics needed but you have to cut your own appliques. The other is just the applique pieces, die cut with fusible on the back. I have a whole houseful of fabric so finding the background fabrics shouldn’t be difficult. I got the pre-cut houses. The rain had stopped by the time I left the shop for the five minute drive home.

I had an appointment in Catonsville Friday morning so stopped at Sew-Vac on my way home. They apparently don’t feel the need to advertise their row so didn’t post any pictures. Patty had been and told me what it looked like. I tend not to go to shops if I don’t know what their row looks like. Frankly, some shops’ rows are uninspired and not worth the time and gas to pick up. This one was an iconic local scene although the store is no where near old town.


Their kits didn’t include the embroidered piece which was being sold separately. Maybe they did it that way because they push embroidery machines. I don’t have one and don’t want one so I got the embroidered piece but not the kit. I’ll pull my own fabrics.

Although I collected patterns in 2014 and 2015, I didn’t make any of them. I’ve been seeing themes in the rows so I’m thinking of grouping some into several pieces. Nothing concrete yet. I’m thinking farms, local, patriotic. I’m not sure if local and patriotic are two different things given where we are. I don’t aspire to winning the fat quarters for being the first person in a shop with a finished quilt. It would be fun to win, I guess, but the fabric would be a burden, given how much I already have. Would you believe there are people who presented finished quilts the second day? They collect eight patterns the first day, then go home and sew all night.

It looks like this year is threatening to shape up as another row by row frenzy year. Patty and I already have three day trips planned. What amazes me is that most of the shops in these three trips are ones we’ve never been to. That was also the case last year. I don’t know if it is a blessing or a curse that there are so many shops within a couple of hours drive. Patty has¬†already asked to do Lancaster County, PA, again this year – a fourth trip.

Easy Street Part 4

December 19, 2012

More flying geese. It seems I have not yet mastered the ability to make flying geese the right size in the required size except with paper piecing.

What happened here?

What happened here?

When I first started quilting I had an early 1970s Kenmore sewing machine. I decided I wanted a new machine and had decided on Bernina but wasn’t ready to spend that much money. While talking to my mother, who is not a needlewoman, said, “Machines are probably pretty expensive now. I bet that’s going to cost $400-500.” I told her it was more like $3000. She said I didn’t need a machine that expensive.

I was complaining at a sew-in for a mystery quilt that had flying geese in it that the Kenmore was pushing the fabric off the feed dogs. Kathy came over and said, “Let me see that”. She sat down and sewed a bit, then said, “I’ve sewn on a lot of machines in my day. This machine is a piece of crap!”

That afternoon she wanted to go to Fabric Chest in Glen Burnie (sadly no longer in business). I don’t remember the motivation for going but Linda and I hadn’t been so we went, too. Fabric Chest was a Bernina dealer. As soon as we set foot in the door, Kathy asked if they had any used machines. They had a 10 year old 1230. Well, Kathy and Linda were so excited to show it to me that the sales clerk couldn’t get a word in edgewise. I think Kathy would have made me walk home if I hadn’t bought the 1230.

I haven’t been sewing Easy Street on my Bernina because it had to go to the hospital. My workhorse Janome Gem Gold has been doing all the work. Using Bonnie’s method of making the geese, some of mine turned out right and some didn’t. What I don’t understand is why the ones with the turquoise wings were a little smaller than the ones with the white wings. I ended up trimming most of my blocks. But, they are done.

Flying Geese squares done!

Flying Geese squares done!

Next time I have to do flying geese, I’m using Deb Tucker’s Wing Clipper ruler. It uses the make-it-bigger-then-cut-it-to-size technique.

I finally got the white bricks cut. And, I cut some of the green squares. Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to work on Easy Street again until New Year’s Day. I thought I might be able to do a little work on it Friday while I’m getting ready to travel but I learned today that a member of my guild died so I’ll probably be going to the funeral home for the visitation.

Tip: Use a nylon scrubby to clean the trimming schmutz off the cutting mat.

Tip: Use a nylon scrubby to clean the trimming schmutz off the cutting mat.

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