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Allietare: Clue 6, part 1

January 26, 2016

Updated 2/3 to add link to Bonnie’s mystery link page.

Before I show you where I am on Allietare, I need to get the required Snowmagedon pictures out of the way. The official total for my town is 28.8 inches. By the time I got out to measure in the backyard, there had already been some melting and compacting. The yardstick says about 22.5. The picture on the right is a bench.


The left picture below is from my front door. I know the steps and sidewalk are under there somewhere. The right picture shows my car across the street, just right of the center of the picture. It looks like less snow than there is because I’m looking down on it from an elevation. My house sits up on a little hill.

My car after I shoveled and before the plow came. On the right I’m trying to show the snow pile next to the cars. What you can’t tell is that it is almost as tall as I am.

Here you can see a person emerging from behind the snow pile just to the left of center. On the right is a picture looking down the court from my house. There are driveways where those cars are.

Linda claims this is the first big storm in decades. How could she forget Snowmageddon 2010 that brought 2.5 feet of snow for my birthday? Not to mention the other two storms that winter that also brought us 2 feet of snow each. Maybe she doesn’t remember it because she doesn’t have to shovel it.

This was the first time in years that neighbors pitched in to help me shovel. The help was gratefully accepted. Next week is my Medicare birthday so I really shouldn’t be shoveling at all. Enough already with the snow. On to quilting.

You’d think I’d get a lot done while being snowed in but I didn’t. I did get all the blocks and setting triangles finished.

I laid out a few blocks at guild last week to see how they looked. Some of my neutrals and golds don’t have enough contrast from a distance but that isn’t much of a problem since no one will be looking at this from a distance other than during show and tell sessions. With the X-rated fabric, I probably can’t enter this in my guild show in 2018 because that would surely offend someone if they looked at it closely enough to identify that print.


Maria had her finished top there. It took me a while to figure out why the design looked so different. It has to do with the values of the fabrics she chose. Her 4-patches are close in value so from a distance look like a lozenge.


Maria’s top


My Allietare blocks laid out on my design bed.

Maybe I’ll get back to sewing on Allietare next week or maybe the week after. Yesterday, I sewed a binding on one of the three quilts waiting for that. I’d like to get the other two done while the machine area is set up to deal with that.

See where others are on the mystery.

I need to select fabrics for my class on Saturday. I have to finish my block for Mimi’s Grad School class on Monday. My bird is currently blind and crippled (no eye and no feet). I’ll try to write more about that project next week with show and tell from the class. I also need to get started on the Jinny Beyer BOM.