What’s New for ’22

You would think that I would have posted regularly in 2020 and 2021 because of the lockdown. I have no idea why I didn’t. I was very productive. For awhile last year I was dropping off or picking up quilts from my long-armer every week or two. I haven’t counted lately but I must have at least a dozen to bind. Yikes! The biggest news is that Ladies of the Sea is among those to be bound. Yay! It came back from the quilter a few months ago. I had some finishing work to do: embroidering some missing stems on one block and putting the buttons I used for shields on the Viking ship back on (they had to be removed for quilting).

I’ve probably bitten off more than I can chew for 2022.

#1 First up is Mimi’s Grad School. This year is the 30th anniversary of Mimi’s Grad School. Mimi said she was inspired by Polly and me taking on Ladies of the Sea for our 2017 bucket list project and others taking on large projects. She’s calling it “Make a Wish” year: Pick a quilt that you always wanted to make or one you really want to finish! My choice is Twilight Garden by Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings.

When I saw this on her blog several years ago I fell in love. It is so elegant and sophisticated. It is wool applique on a flannel background. I bought the kit at the first show I saw them at after it was released. I did prep the applique for the first two blocks in the before Covid time. What held me back was fear of cutting the background. There was no cutting map in the kit so there was the worry about what if I do it wrong and don’t have enough. Then there was the question of “should I wash the flannel background first”. I did try contacting them using the website’s contact form during the lockdown but I never got a response. If I did wash it, how much would it shrink. Would there be enough fabric left? So, I did nothing. I recently did rough measurements with the background and determined that it shouldn’t be as tight a fit as some kits/patterns. I’m going to throw caution to the wind and not wash the flannel background. I haven’t gotten started on this one yet this year other than the rough measuring.

#2 I signed up for Sue Pelland’s Temperature quilt class. I did get the Cherrywood fabric kit that Sue and Karla at Cherrywood put together. I ordered a few more fabrics to add/replace some in the kit. Of course, I can’t just do the class quilt the way it is. I moved to central Maryland at the end of 1981 so 2022 is 40 years after 1982, my first year here. I’m interested to see if there are noticeable differences in the temperatures over 40 years. So, I’m doing split leaves with low on the bottom and top on the high and 1982 on the left with 2022 on the right. Here’s a sample of how Sue designed the block for a single day – low on the left, high on the right:

I finally finished all my analysis and prep work and started fusing leaves yesterday. Still have to stitch them so don’t have anything to show yet.

As if that weren’t enough I saw this portion of a quilt in the Twiddletails Temperature Quilt Along on Facebook:

I love houses so I decided to do this design as my first year of life. I got the historical temperature data for 1982 and my first year of life from NOAA. Some was missing for my birthplace so I went back and got all missing data from a larger town about 30 miles away. That’s close enough. I don’t know if we lived in my birthplace for my first year of life but anything else is too complicated. After he graduated from college after WWII he worked for a company that built power lines so we lived in a trailer and moved as needed for each job. We moved 22 times in 5 states before I was 5 years old.

I bought Tula Pink Fairy Dust as background for this and will use the Cherrywood hand dyes for the houses and trees. I will have to order more of some of the Cherrywood fabrics as some colors will get used more than others.

So, one temperature quilt morphed into 3 really, although 2 will be in the same quilt.

#3 Polly has been working on Dear Jane with another friend. Polly doesn’t piece so the friend does the piecing and Polly does the applique. Our local shop, Spring Water Designs, is doing Dear Jane as their repro club project. Because I dragged Polly out to sea with Ladies of the Sea in 2017, it seemed only fair that I support her in her Dear Jane journey. I started Dear Jane at Quilt Odyssey in Gettysburg, PA in 2000 when I took classes from Brenda Papadakis as consolation for missing the classes I was supposed to have with Doreen Speckman in 1999 at Quilter’s Heritage in Lancaster, PA, when I broke my ankle the week before the show. Haven’t touched Dear Jane since. Here’s what I did in 2000:

There is a corner block and another border triangle that are partially completed but not shown in the chart. I dug out the original Dear Jane software from Electric Quilt and installed it. Surprisingly, it does work under Windows 10. I figured out how to scan my blocks and get them into the chart.

Polly came over this week and I prepped 4 applique blocks which are now complete but not included in the chart yet.

#4 I became a follower of Gudrun Erla during the lockdown in early 2020. I’ve participated in most of her quilt-a-longs since then. The first one for 2022, Jackie, starts Tuesday. It uses 2.5″ strips and background. I found a collection of 20 strips that was a gift from a friend. 20 is the exact number needed for a lap size quilt. I found background at Bear’s Paw Fabrics because I have mostly 1 yard or less pieces in stash and had nothing to go with the batik strips. Kind of ironic, trying to use stash but ended up buying 6 yards of background to use up 20 strips. I got all the cutting for the quilt done yesterday.

#5 I decided to try to use the Rainbow Scrap Challenge to induce some monochromatic string block making. This month is red. If I can get myself to go down to sew after dinner this will work. I finally managed that this week. I’ve made 12 10″ blocks.

#6 Bonnie Hunter 2021 Mystery, Rhododendron Trail. Yes, technically, that is a 2021 project but we didn’t know what it looked like until 2022. I. DON’T. LIKE. THE. DESIGN. I’ve been making her mystery quilts since 2012. This is the first one I don’t want to finish. This is also the first one where I was caught up when the reveal was released. What do do with 50 blocks and assorted parts? Patty and Linda were here Friday afternoon. We landed on these 3 designs:

Those should use up most of the parts. I had some squares left that will go into scrap storage.

All of that is new for this year. Let’s not talk about all the WIPs sitting around the studio. Of course, the mystery quilt added 3 more. I really need a clone because I can’t sew fast enough to get everything done. Back to the sweatshop.

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  1. Nann Says:

    I like your blocks for the temperature quilt. I’m considering one for the birth milestone I will reach this year.

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